Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch [2021] – Which is Best & Why?

Jungle Scout and Viral launch are two similar products for Amazon sellers. People who want to increase their sales and profits use these services. Selling on Amazon can be quite stressful, especially for a new seller. They help you to conduct product research in such a way that you can maximize returns. The competition is quite heavy, so you need to be on your top game. Overall they are both quite helpful, but as a consumer, you might have to make a tough choice. Research and statistical analysis are critical when it comes to selling. Both jungle scout and viral launch claim to offer these services.

In this article, we will dive deep into the comparison. Let’s check which one is more suitable for our needs.

Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch – Overview

Comparing the two Amazon tools is going to be a tough task. Jungle scout is a big player in the Amazon selling business. If you have ever wanted to go online, then you have already heard about this site. We all need tools to get returns on our investments for amazon. The site gives you tons of features and helps you get work done. The viral scout site helps you start, grow, and get consistent sales. Jungle scout, on the other hand, adds a bit of zest to the mix. It is suitable for both existing and new sellers. 

Jungle scout –

Jungle Scout Coupon Code

Jungle Scout has a lot of features that a new Amazon seller is going to love. The amazon product finder helps you get new products for your online store. It helps you with everything from finding a profitable product to increasing sales. As a new retailer in the online store, you need to master your supply and demand. There are keyword tools for you to get the job done throughout the year. Create SEO friendly content for your listings on Amazon. Overall it is an excellent tool for your research needs. We recommend it to all sellers. The services are affordable and help you get results. People around the world support them. 


  • There are over 4,000,000+ users on the platform. The competition is fierce, but you can make the job easy with these research tools. 
  • Monitor over 500 million products on the Amazon site using their services. Users will get positive results through the site by seeing an increase in sales. 
  • They are directly responsible for providing all their users with assistance in $3 billion worth of sales. 

Viral Launch –

The viral launch is the perfect place for people who want to launch new products. It helps you get your foot off the ground in the initial stages. The site is the ideal place to market your business online. Amazon has become the front page of the internet.

 Everyone needs to purchase visits to the site. We recommend you try their paid services for seeing growth. It takes automation to the next level for your use. 

Their PPC tool is beneficial for product placement. 

Product research is instrumental in using the different services available. Keep track of your competitors to leave them behind. There is a professional and a basic plan open on the site. 


  • Data automation tools help users to get their products up and running. They have helped to launch 44,000+ new products. 
  • The platform has a vast database. Users can keep track of over 225,000,000 products on the Amazon site. 
  • The viral launch is responsible for directly contributing to over $8 billion in sales for its consumers. 

Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch: Features

There is a lot that you need to have in mind before deciding to make your purchase. Here are the features that will help you get the job done.

Jungle Scout Features:

1. Tracking and Database

The product tracking on Jungle scout is seamless. Users can find existing products that are in demand. It is beneficial for people who want to earn good margins on the site. You can save the time spent on your research. The tool helps you identify the shortcomings faced and enables you to check your competition. Find the sales, inventory data, and overall revenue of different products. 

2. Suppliers

Jungle scout helps you identify a profitable product and then gives you the suppliers as well. It is the most effortless way of earning money online. The database enables you to find suppliers who can ship throughout the world. The supplier data also gives you information on their top buyer and most in-demand product. Primary information like shipments, product lists, and shipping times will work here. 

3. Keyword scout

The keyword scout features help you get on the top of Amazon search results. It is beneficial for any online seller to invest in SEO. Amazon is a vast product search engine. Like Google and other search engines, it also works on an internal keyword mechanism. Increase the traffic to your product listings with this feature. It works effortlessly with PPC campaigns as well. 

Viral Launch Features:

1. Product research

The product research tool is beneficial for people who are starting. You can get accurate sales, returns, and investment figures using the device. Users can find products that can reach their full potential. Research is necessary to reduce the chances of failure automatically. It is also quite beneficial for you to track the competition. It covers market research, keyword knowledge, data analysis, and much more. You can reverse engineer the data of your game. 

2. Advertising on Amazon

Amazon helps users to run PPC campaigns as well. For a new seller on the platform, this is essential. The kinetic tool is known for keyword analysis and running advertisements. It is the most popular option to increase your profits by a considerable margin. Campaign analysis helps you understand how much you were able to convert using the tool. It enables you to focus on high priority keywords to get more sales. 

3. Listing tests

Viral launch helps you run many tests following up to the product launch. Users can effectively get more work done using the listing tool. There are also ways using which you can know for sure if your product will be successful. 

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch – Pricing

Jungle scout –

The platform comes in many monthly, yearly subscription plans. Users can get the tools for a valid price of $19/mo to $49/mo every year. Every month, you end up paying up to $69. There are extensions, desktop-based, and combined plans available. It all boils down to your use on the site. 

Viral Launch –

The viral launch features are available at different prices. Users can get amazing tools at affordable options. You can try the beginner plans at $40, and the Pro plans are available for $66. These plans cover all the significant features of the site. You can get extra premium features at a higher offering. 

We all want to make an informed decision. Overall, both the products are quite suitable for Amazon sellers. After thorough research, we will recommend the jungle scout tool to amateur sellers. The viral launch is the service for people who want to take risks and get new products. 


Jungle Scout and Viral launch are two essential tools for your online needs. In this guide, we hoped to clear all of your doubts regarding the two seller tools. We expect the article answered all your questions regarding the services.

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