Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon 2023 (81% OFF | OCT)

Are you looking for the best Jungle Scout discount Code? Are you interested in claiming the Jungle Scout offers to save some bucks on your purchase? If so, then you have landed in the right place! Here, we will cover all aspects of the Jungle Scout Discount codes and how they can be used to get an excellent deal.

FLAT 81% OFF - Activate Deal

The Jungle Scout is a renowned Amazon product research tool that helps sellers and entrepreneurs find their ideal products faster. It provides accurate data on product prices, sales estimates, competition levels, and more. Its powerful features and data accuracy have become one of the most sought-after tools for Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout Coupon Codes – October 2023 Discounts!

Currently, Jungle Scout provides a massive discount on Annual Subscription plans, allowing you to save up to 81%. You can save up to $549 on annual plans in all plans. Moreover, you will get a discount of up to $1500+ on annual subscriptions on other plans. Isn’t it a fantastic deal? 

FLAT 81% OFF - Activate Deal


Regular Price

Discounted Price

% Discount




63% off

Suite Plus



70% off




81% off

Master Bundle



77% off

This table demonstrates the huge discounts available, up to 81% off, when purchasing annual subscriptions to Jungle Scout’s software bundles compared to paying monthly. But what surprises you here is that you don’t even need to enter promo codes. So, it will be easier to claim the discount and enjoy the month’s best deals on Jungle Scout.

How To Claim Jungle Scout Discount Coupon Code? (Step By Step)

This guide will help you quickly and easily claim your Jungle Scout coupon code.

Step 1: Visit The Official Page

To get started, visit Jungle Scout’s exclusive special pricing page. Simply use the unique link below, and you’ll be taken to the page where you can get the discount.

Jungle Scout Discount Page

Step 2: Click On “Buy Now”

On this page, you see the different plans that Jungle Scout offers. The discount will automatically be applied to their purchase without requiring additional steps. Choose the “Master Bundle” plan, which includes one year of professional access. Then click on the “Buy Now” button to start your order.

Jungle Scout - Click Buy Now

Step 3: Complete The Sign-Up Process 

Clicking on “Buy Now” will open the sign-up page. Create your account effortlessly by providing your email address and password, then click “next” to proceed.

If you already have an account, feel free to skip this step. After that, you will be directed to the payment options.

Jungle Scout - Create Your Account

Step 4: Complete The Payment Process

When you complete the sign-up process, click on “Next.” The page will be directed to the payment gateway. Make the payment through your credit card and pay securely. The payment is end-to-end encryption, ensuring utmost security and protection.

Jungle Scout - Payment Details

Once the payment is made, you can enjoy the features of the Jungle Scout. So, use the Jungle Scout to improve your sales figure and win maximum revenues.

What Is Jungle Scout?

Before diving into the tools and features analysis, you should know the tool. Jungle Scout is a complete research tool that assists Amazon FBA Sellers. It helps you discover various products and check out their information. Thus, you can decide which product would be perfect for you to sell.

More importantly, it helps with conducting research regarding the competition. You get a complete SEO roadmap and suggestions with Jungle Scout. It allows you to reverse-engineer competitors’ pages and tactics to find something valuable to add to your overall approach.

Jungle Scout is a tool that helps you do market research before launching your product on Amazon for selling purposes. In today’s competitive market, it’s getting tougher to determine whether your idea will work for the consumers.

Jungle-Scout Coupon

Moreover, there are different factors, such as the demand and supply of the product at a particular period. Doing these sorts of research manually can consume a lot of time. That’s where Jungle Scout comes to your rescue. With its stored data and advanced technology tools, you automatically get all the essential information regarding the product.

With Jungle Scout, you get into the behind-the-scenes of Amazon. It provides you with reports such as the product sale history, which helps you understand the demand for any particular product. It also analyzes the prices of products similar to yours to help determine product pricing.

Additionally, it covers the essential aspect of marketing a product, especially online. You get many features, from SEO audits to keyword research, which help create more effective landing pages. Some more perks are covered under the section Tools and Features.

Tools & Features Of Jungle Scout:

To determine that Jungle Scout will do the job for you, it is essential to look into its tools and features. Some tools are essential to you, and some might be useless. So, before proceeding with Jungle Scout, look at its tools and features, which are explained in detail below.


Remember that, unlike other competitors like Helium 10, Jungle Scout has a single platform application and a web browser extension. However, it doesn’t unnecessarily increase the number of tools to appeal to you. These two tools encompass many features that perform as efficiently as competitive tools.

Thus, making it a fantastic addition to those looking for a simple but effective Amazon Seller tool, here is a quick rundown.

Toolbox – Sales Estimator And Listing Order

Toolbox is the first feature you will come across while using Jungle Scout. If you look, it allows you to check out the monthly sales estimation for the specific product. For example, you can search for it or even use your product to see the estimated sales after optimizing it.

Amazon Sales Estimator

The toolbox also allows you to audit a product page through Listing Grader. It will tell you about the quality of the page. For example, you can use the toolbox to start basic research to find the right product or analyze competitors.

1. Product Database

This tool is the core feature of Jungle Scout, and you may call it the ‘bread and butter of the tool.’ As you can see in the image, there are many options for you to choose from or ‘filter’ the search for you to find the tool. Thus, you have impeccable accuracy in finding the product you want to sell.

Ergo, the tool helps you research the product you want to sell. For example, when it comes to the listing of products available on Amazon, you will get thousands of products, and sorting the list manually could be tiring. With this tool, you can specifically look for the type of product you want by simply categorizing it.


Now you must be thinking, how would you do that? This tool provides you with many filters, such as product quality, star ratings, selling price, revenue generated by the product, and much more. Therefore, with these detailed filters, you can find exactly what you are looking for, which makes your research smooth and quick.

You can even include keywords and country, save the filters or reset them for later use. It is truly a comprehensive tool.

2. Supplier Database

With the increasing competition and changing algorithms, JungleScout has recently introduced a new Supplier Database feature. Using it, you can track down the most responsible suppliers available for Amazon. Unfortunately, the tool completely breaks down the entire process, making searching for the ‘suppliers’ with accurate information easier.


Once you have an idea for the product you want to sell, you can find the most genuine and high-rated suppliers. After all, you’re just a seller, not a manufacturer or wholesale provider. You’d need someone to do the job for you. So effectively, you’re building a network and affiliation.

You will need this tool only after selecting the product you’d like to sell. Suppliers make up the majority of the service experience. You will need an equally competent supplier if you want positive delivery and supply reviews. That’s what a Supplier Database brings to you.

3. Supplier Tracker


The tool is related to the Supplier database and allows you to select and add suppliers. You can entirely maintain the list or create supplier groups. The entire purpose of this feature is to make it easier for you to manage the suppliers. It acts as a hub for you to operate with them and keep track of everything from order transportation to delivery and their cut for sales.

4. Product Tracker

After targeting the product you want to sell, you will need more information regarding its standing in the market and demand. Product Tracked does the same job for you; with its help, you can track products similar to yours and see their performance history.


You can create a group of products to track by customizing the details through this tool. It is more effective for drawing a comparison between the products. After creating a customized product group, you can track its performance. Doing so will give you an idea of your product’s potential in the market.

The product tracker is also great for keeping your eyes out on the product that you’re providing in the market. It enhances the report and analytics regarding them.

Opportunity Finder – Formerly Known As Niche Hunter

Most of the new users of Jungle Scout never get used to the Niche Hunter tool, and because of this, they need help. So if you decide to go ahead with Jungle Scout, you must use this tool as this tool helps you determine the intensity of the competition you will face after launching your product.

Therefore, this tool should be your last and final step, as it gives results based on your searched keywords. For example, according to the keywords, it provides you with the researched data for the product, like its opportunity score, competition, listing quality score, and average units sold.


This is another excellent feature that works like a Product research tool. However, it is more about sorting the products according to the competition and seasonality. You will discover niches that are high in demand and low in supply. Thus, you can make quick profits through the tool.

Alternatively, you can customize the tool to find high-competition products as well. It all depends on you. The opportunity might sound like an unnecessary feature, and could work in Product research. However, it does keep the interactive easy to use for a specific task.

1. Category Trends

This is another one of the product research tools, specifically targeting the categories. It is great for market research and analysis. You can study and see the categories that have been popular recently up to the current date. Even older categories are available.


You can also sort specific categories and see the kind of sub-categories people searched for the most. It can further help you dive into the market if you don’t know which product you want to sell.

2. Keyword Scout

Everyone involved with digital marketing, in one way or the other, knows that keywords play a significant role in all the rankings of products. It also determines the demand for the products. Finally, Keyword Scout provides you with all the essential information regarding the keywords of the product.


You will receive information regarding the products’ relevant and most used keywords. You will also get the most searched products or keywords on Amazon, among other things. Thus, with its help, you can know what keywords to use while launching your product on Amazon.

Now, this tool is essential because it helps you to determine and catch the keywords so that you can improve the ranking of your product after its launch. As we all know, keywords play a prominent role in ranking, SEO marketing, and other promotions on the internet to work with search engines.

3. Launch

Imagine having the best product with a consistent supply and relatively lower cost than competitors, but your product still doesn’t get the required sales. This happens because of the ranking of your product, which is highly dependent on the initial sale of your product. In other words, your products will be ranked lower if your initial sale is not good. Once your product is ranked lower, it will be hard to climb the ladder, thus resulting in no sales.

However, to avoid such situations, the Launch tool is used as it launches your product in the right hands by giving you the required initial sale, which again gives your product a higher ranking.

4. Listing Builder

Once you decide on the keywords for your product with the help of the Keyword Scout tool, you will be required to analyze it. Listing Builder does the job of improving the listing of your product.

The ranking or listing of the product on which page and after which product will appear on the search list after using the specific keyword. That’s why analyzing the Keywords and improving the ranking of your product is essential for the sale.


Listing Builder helps you curate and customize the listing for your product according to the top keywords you will provide. Moreover, if you fail to sell on Amazon at the beginning, then the ranking of your product will keep on getting lower and lower. This is why the Listing Builder tool is essential: it helps you climb the ladder of product ranking.

Marketing Tools – Email Campaigns, Promotions, And Review Automation

Jungle Scout also comes with three features regarding the marketing campaigns to help you in places other than Amazon. There, you can promote the product and get feedback or reviews. That’s the entire point of these three new features.

1. Email Campaigns


Emailing remains one of the primary promotion and marketing methods on the internet. It helps drive higher sales or pitch people for the review. That’s the task Email Campaigns automatically achieves for you.

2. Promotions


Jungle Scout itself has an extensive marketplace that correlates to Amazon. You can boost the ranking and rating of your product in the Jungle Scout. If you’re a supplier, this is even better. However, even as a seller, most people, especially bloggers, will use your product in their affiliation.

3. Review Automation

Review Automation allows Jungle Scout to send an automated request through a select form of communication. It will prompt the buyers to provide a review, and most of the time, people will include it. Thus, it will help boost reviews, ratings, and ranking of your listed products.

4. Sales Analytics


Sales Analytics is a powerful tool for you to drive an effective strategy. It provides in-depth analytics regarding the product’s performance, revenue generation, and expenses. Most importantly, you can track trends and see where you spend too much or too little. It is an essential feature of Jungle Scout.

5. Profit Overviewer


Profit Overviewer makes it much easier for you to keep track of the revenue you generate. It considers several variables, like sales, cost breakdown, and even historical data with current profit. You can easily keep track of the profit that you make.

6. Profit & Loss Statement

Profit & Loss Statement

A profit And Loss statement will enable you to check various things like a complete analysis of your finances, expenses, etc. You can see how well or badly the product performs in the market. You will have a complete overview from net profit to net margin and expenses.

7. Other Transactions

This underrated tool has a mediocre name but significantly simplifies your business. You can use this feature if you don’t want to sell on Amazon but also sell products outside Amazon. It even allows you to add extra expenses like shipping costs, software operating (like Jungle Scout), etc. Thus, you will have more in-depth insights into everything you’re generating.

AI Assist – AI-Powered Insights For Amazon Sellers

Jungle Scout’s new AI Assist feature leverages artificial intelligence to help Amazon sellers in various ways. It can generate optimized listing content like titles, bullet points, and descriptions. AI Assist also analyzes product reviews at scale to uncover important trends, sentiment, and opportunities for improvement. 

AI Assist

It examines sellers’ data for financial insights to provide key business performance and profitability metrics. An AI chatbot can also answer seller questions about critical topics like growing a business on Amazon. With automation and insights, Jungle Scout’s AI Assist aims to save sellers time while enabling data-driven decisions.

Manage Products – Manage Your Inventory & More

Manage Products is another essential tool that helps you cut down unnecessary costs. For starters, it has a completely automated inventory management system. Thus, you can see how much stock you have left.


It also predicts the FBA sales and lets you know the necessary inventory space. Thus, you can reduce storage costs or even secure a specific amount of product for sale later. It also helps with product management by helping you track all the products.

You will get complete and detailed information if there has been any change in the product’s cost. This leads to a high level of analytics for making decisions by yourself.

What Makes Jungle Scout Stand Apart?

By analyzing this product research tool thoroughly, it is needless to say that if you are thinking of entering the market of Amazon. It would help if you did your research with this tool. However, it must already be clear by now that Jungle Scout is a tool that helps you do all the impending research in launching a product to the Amazon market.

So, if you are unaware of the competition in today’s market and want to enter the world of Amazon marketing, then you need Jungle Scout. However, to be more precise, the following are some benefits of using this tool:

1. You Can Choose The Right Product For Marketing

One of the main reasons for using such tools is to determine the right product to enter the market. Jungle Scout gives you detailed information about the type of product you want to launch, making it easier to conclude whether to launch the product.

2. You Can Have A Clear Idea Of The Current Competition

It is not an unknown fact that the product you are thinking of launching might already have a lot of sellers. So if you decide to go with the same product, you will be required to check its competition in the market.

This tool helps you do just that as it provides you with the performance history of the competitive products, making it more straightforward to understand the competition.

3. It Helps In Maintaining The Ranking Of Your Product

As mentioned earlier, maintaining the ranking of your products is so important for sales. If it doesn’t appear in the higher ranking, the consumers will choose the higher ranking product instead.

Therefore, by using its Launch and Listing Builder feature, you can maintain your product’s ranking, which helps increase sales.

4. You Can Determine The Product Pricing

Product pricing is a significant factor in creating value for your product and gauging higher sales. For example, if the price of your product is too high, then the ones in competition with it, and the consumer will choose the latter.

Moreover, if the price is too low, they will automatically assume that the quality of the product could be better. Therefore, with its Niche Hunter tool, you can easily determine your product’s suitable price, which will not devalue it.

5. It Helps In Hiking Up The Initial Sales Of Your Product

The whole point of doing thorough research for your product is in sales; if you can achieve it, you can maintain its point. However, Jungle Scout offers amazing features such as Niche Hunter, Listing Builder, and Launch. These tools mainly focus on your product’s sales by maintaining its ranking.

The higher the ranking, the more the increase in sales. Moreover, the initial sales determine the rank of your product, and if you sell large volumes initially, your ranking will be on top.

6. Compare Your Preferred Products And Their Similar Products

In the highly competitive market, drawing comparisons between products similar to yours has become necessary to reach the point of profit maximization: a thorough study of how your product differs from others and what additional perks it offers are important. So, you can only do product differentiation if you have all the knowledge of contemporary products.

With the Product Tracker feature of Jungle Scout, you can easily access all the information on similar products available on Amazon. It also provides information like performance history, quality, durability, etc. This tool certainly helps you improve your product and offer customers additional value.

7. You Can Also Analyze The Factors Regarding The Supply And Demand Of The Product

Every entrepreneur knows that the supply and demand of the product go hand in hand, and before trying their hand at a new product, they do all the research regarding the same. Jungle Scout also provides this information with its Supplier Database and Product Tracker tools.

The Supplier Database enlists the top suppliers available for you who are consistent, and the Product Tracker tool helps you track the performance and demand of the product you want to launch. Thus, you get all the needed information to determine the demand and supply of the product on one platform.

What Are The Advantages Of Investing In Jungle Scout? 

Jungle Scout is the best tool for the FBA seller who wants maximum return on investment. It offers you a variety of features such as keyword finder, product listing, list optimization, sales tracking, inventory management, and many more.

By having accurate data about the sellers and competitors, the FBA sellers can grow their revenues exponentially.

What is Jungle Scout Academy? How does it work?

Jungle Scout Academy is an online educational platform that offers courses and resources to help you succeed in eCommerce. It enables entrepreneurs to learn the necessary skills to build a successful online business.

Jungle Scout Academy

The academy provides comprehensive step-by-step instruction through video lessons and detailed instructions on how to start, optimize, and scale an e-commerce business. You can also access helpful tools such as Jungle Scout Chrome extension, which helps you research products and find profitable opportunities.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout Academy provides a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs where users can connect and ask questions. With an easy-to-follow curriculum and a supportive network, Jungle Scout Academy is the perfect place for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make their dreams come true.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans – Explained! 

Jungle Scout is the best FBA tool for sellers because it offers three pricing plans that perfectly suit the FBA sellers’ needs. The plans are as follows:

Jungle Scout Pricing

1. Basic Plan: The plan starts at $49 per month. However, if you pay an annual subscription, you will pay only $29 per month. In the plan, you get full Excel to the browser extension and a single-user license, allowing you to validate the product listing. This plan is ideal for beginner and intermediate sellers.

2. Suite Plan: The suite plan is amongst the most popular plans amongst the sellers. This is available to you at $69 per month. However, you can save up to 50% if you bill annually. The plan covers everything you need to run the FBA business more smoothly. Whether you want to search for the products or optimize your product listing and sales tracking, this plan is suitable for everyone.

3. Professional Plan: The professional plan is excellent for the professional FBA seller, and you need to pay $129 per month. But if you bill annually, you must pay only $84 per month instead of $129. Moreover, the plan offers you six months of historical data and lets you track more than 1,000 ASINs.

Keynote: – Sellers get a 7-days money-back guarantee on each plan. So, if you are unsatisfied with the premium plans, you can cancel the subscription within seven days and claim the money.

Which plan should you choose?

We have compared all three plans to help you choose the best one.


Basic Plan

Suite Plan

Professional Plan


$49/month or $349/year

$69/month or $589/year

$129/month or $999/year





Product Tracker

20 Products

150 Products

1000 Products

Chrome Extension




Opportunity Finder

3 searches/day



Historical Data

1 Month

1 Year

2 Year

Rank Tracking

Not available

3500 Keywords

5000 Keywords

Listing Grader




Priority Onboarding

Review Exclusions

Listing Builder

Academy Access

Jungle Scout Package Plans: 

Jungle Scout provides a range of package plans to help you find the perfect fit for your business. Whether you want to go all-in with their full services or just need a few basic features, they have you covered. 

Jungle Scout Package Plan

1. Start-up Suite Plan: The Start-up Suite plan is available for $189, billed every three months. It includes all Suite plan capabilities plus priority onboarding, training sessions, checklist guides, and access to the Jungle Scout Academy seller courses. This is ideal for new sellers looking to get started quickly.

2. Entrepreneur Suite Plan: At $349, billed every six months, the Entrepreneur Suite plan builds on Start-up by adding 200 product listings, the Supplier Tracker tool, and automated review requests. It has everything needed to begin sourcing and launching products efficiently.

3. Freedom Builder Bootcamp Plan: The Freedom Builder Bootcamp plan at $999 annually provides the full Pro software suite plus the Freedom Builder course, live coaching, and regular training updates. The boot camp curriculum and premium tools aim to take mature Amazon businesses to the next level.

All Jungle Scout packages come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. The bundled plans provide an easy way to access multiple integrated Jungle Scout tools at reduced prices compared to buying individually.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Jungle Scout extension is for people who want to use the browser version but to use it, and you will have to pay separately for the extension. However, if you go for the combo package, which includes both the software and the browser versions, you can use it without additional cost.

Moreover, if you get everything through the software version, why bother to have the extension one and even pay for it? Well, it’s not that simple, as the extension version saves a lot of your time and effort.

Once you click on its icon on your browser, a new page will open, and you will get all the product data, such as the opportunity score, monthly sales, pricing, keywords, and ratings. You get all the information on one page instead of searching it individually. Thus, saving your precious time.

Jungle Scout Support

Jungle Scout Support is an excellent resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their Jungle Scout subscription. They offer live and self-serve support options so that customers can get help in the best way for them. Customer service representatives are knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Jungle Scout Support includes helpful resources such as FAQs, tutorials, webinars, and more. Forums and discussion boards are great resources for finding answers quickly. They allow users to ask questions and get feedback from knowledgeable individuals who can provide helpful advice or instructions.

Why Should You Choose Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive platform for ecommerce entrepreneurs, offering valuable tools and resources to help you launch and scale your business. Whether you’re an experienced seller or just starting a business, Jungle Scout can help you maximize your potential for success.

Jungle Scout’s suite of tools offers invaluable insight into the Amazon marketplace. With its Product Database, you can quickly and easily find top-selling products with high demand and low competition. The Sales Analytics tool allows you to track your sales data in real time, so you can stay on top of trends and make informed decisions about your inventory. 

Jungle Scout also provides unbeatable customer service and a wealth of helpful resources for sellers. Its team of experienced Amazon consultants is available to answer any questions and provide advice on optimizing your business. 

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Final Verdict: Jungle Scout Discount & Code Coupon 2023

Jungle Scout is a fantastic tool for FBA sellers who want to run their business more smoother. Whether you want to manage the inventory or find the keywords and product listing, the tool is perfect for everything.

So, this was our working Jungle Scout discount coupon which will help you save up to 60% on your purchase. We hope this post serves your purpose well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we get sales tracking features in Jungle Scout?

Yes, you can track the sales tracking features in Jungle Scout. The feature helps track the sales data and pricing history and allows you to make your price listing to sell the products at competitive rates to earn more sales.

Does it offer a free plan?

No, Jungle Scout doesn’t offer any free plan. So, if you need to try the plan, start with the basic plan. This is excellent for beginners. Moreover, Jungle Scout offers a seven-day money-back guarantee on all plans, and if you don’t want to continue, cancel the subscription plan and get the money back.

Does it offer inventory management?

Yes, it offers inventory management that helps monitor the stock and sends you alerts when it’s time to refill the stocks. With inventory management, you never run out of stock.

What payment methods does Jungle Scout accept?

Jungle Scout uses secure onsight payment processing and accepts all types of Credit Cards like American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. You can also make payment via PayPal.

Does Jungle Scout offer a refund policy?

Jungle Scout offers a seven-day risk-free refund policy; if you are unsatisfied with Jungle Scout, you can claim your full refund.

Who is Jungle Scout Web App for?

The Jungle Scout Web App is designed for entrepreneurs, online sellers, and e-commerce businesses of all sizes. It is a powerful tool that lets users research and uncover profitable product opportunities in the Amazon Marketplace.

With the Web App, users can quickly identify products over time trends, analyze competition, get accurate sales estimates, evaluate market potentials, and identify niche markets. The data provided by the app helps users make infor

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