Jungle Scout Coupon & Discount Code 2021

Are you looking to get a Jungle Scout Account on a discounted price? Well, you have arrived at the right place! In this article, we have reviewed the Jungle Scout tool along with how to get it on discount.

Undoubtedly, Jungle Scout is one of the most superior tools when it comes to making a profitable business on Amazon. With this easy to use the tool, you can easily find your next product using data-driven metrics for better outcomes.

This article is all about how Jungle Scout can help your business, and how you can get it on a discount.

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What’s Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a full-fledged tool that allows you to pick products that are highly cost-effective in order to make a business from them. Also, the tool helps you in investigating the items your rivals are offering, and you can evaluate their lows and highs.

Created by Greg Mercer back in 2014, the tool is ideal for finding lucrative items to offer and purchase on Amazon. This is a highly-used tool and people from experts to beginners are using it to generate business.

Jungle Scout runs on Amazon data-metrics so the results driven by the tool are highly accurate and you can count on them.

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Jungle Scout offers a plethora of features that will be beneficial in searching for different cost-effective products. Also, there are numerous advantages of using the tool, and that’s the reason why a lot of experts rely on the results-driven by Jungle Scout.

Here are some features you will get with the tool.

1. Product Database

With the Jungle Scout web application, you can filter categories, price, and sales from Amazon’s database. With the tool, you can search for the potential items that may be hidden, or you haven’t discovered them before.

Jungle Scout allows you to search for different products from Amazon’s database. Also, the tool is easy to use, and you can search for other products based on categories, price, sales, rank, weight, rating, and much more.

2. Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is the newest addition to Jungle Scout, and you can use the tool to generate umpteen keywords to use them for Amazon PPC and listings. Moreover, the feature allows you to get access to search volumes and real-time bid costs.

With Keyword Scout, you can get more information about the customer search trend, which is a necessity if you are looking to generate more sales.

3. Niche Hunter

Finding a profitable niche is a complicated process and requires colossal time and efforts, but with Jungle Scout, it would be easy to find a profitable niche.  You can easily select the top categories, or you can search for a category based on your requirements.

The tool even provides you with insight into what are the categories with the lowest and highest competition so that you can make your choice accordingly.

4. Supplier Database

With the Supplier Database feature, you can reduce the time spent in researching for quality suppliers. You will only get the details of top suppliers with better customer ratings. Also, the tool funnels down suppliers based on verified shipping so you can easily find and validate different suppliers for the Amazon FBA products on the go.

5. Product Tracker

The product tracker is considered as one of the best features of Jungle Scout because it gives accurate estimates of the sales. The feature shares its working with the AccuSales algorithm for ultimately precise results.

You can use Product Tracker with the assurance that it will provide accurate results so you can make your decisions based on product research.

Similar to these, there are numerous features available with Jungle Scout, and you can use these features to make the most sales with real-time data.

How to use Jungle Scout?

So you don’t know how to use Jungle Scout after you install it? Here’s your guide to using the tool. There are two options available in Jungle Scout. Either you can download the web app, or you can use a Chrome Extension if you don’t want the hassles of the app.

Right after downloading the app or installing the Chrome Extension, you can log in with your account credentials. You have to purchase a Jungle Scout subscription in order to log in to the app.

The app and the Chrome Extension shows real-time updates on the screen, and you can keep an eye on what’s going on in the current scenario.

Furthermore, the Chrome Extension of Jungle Scout has two variants, i.e. Lite and Pro. Both variants offer some different features.

Lite Version- Ideal for beginners

  • Monthly sales and revenue
  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Category and seller ranking
  • Rating and review tracking
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • Web app advanced algorithm

Pro Version- Perfect for the experts

  • Monthly sales and revenue
  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Category and seller ranking
  • Rating and review tracking
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • Web app advanced algorithm
  • Sales item profit calculator
  • Dimension and weight of items
  • FBA fee estimator
  • Opportunity score

The Pro Version is a bit pricier than the Lite version, and the reasons are apparent. If you are starting with Jungle Scout, then getting your hands on the Lite version is a good idea.

How to Get Jungle Scout Discount Using Coupon Code?

So you are looking for a Jungle Scout discount coupon? Here is the process you need to follow to the below mentioned process.

  • Click below button to Activate Coupon of Jungle Scout.

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  1. Signup for a new account and purchase the Lite or Pro version based on your requirements.
  2. The link available on this website already has the discount code, so you don’t have to apply it manually.
  3. Complete the purchase and start using Jungle Scout to bag more sales.


With Jungle Scout, you can do much more with Amazon. From checking the low competition products to getting the keywords, everything is in your hand. However, make sure to follow the discount process explained above if you want to claim your discount.

We have used the official website link on our website so that you can get the subscription from the main website of Jungle Scout. Lastly, avoid buying Jungle Scout coupons from any website as there is no charge for using the coupon.  Furthermore, there is no trial package available, and you cannot use the software without getting the subscription.

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