Best Amazon FBA Tools For Sellers [2021]

Want to explore your business with Amazon and make millions? Become an Amazon Seller and earn immense profits by selling your items on the world’s largest online business platform through Amazon FBA. Expanding Business by Amazon FBA has been made simpler by the use of some of the popular FBA tools like Helium 10. Below listed are the popular Product Research tools for Amazon FBA.

Best Amazon FBA Tools Sellers

Check out the list and find the best Amazon tools for your business.

List of Best Amazon FBA Tools:

1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is also an Amazon tool that enables all Amazon FBA sellers to sell appropriate products on Amazon that could earn huge profits for the sellers. Jungle Scout uses some of the key metrics of Amazon like the rank of the bestseller, the number of reviews, the number of units sold, sales, and several other features to estimate the sales potential of the individual Amazon niche.


Jungle Scout utilizes several features including keyword research and tracking of products to discover some of the winning Amazon products from where you can quickly increase your earned benefit in an adequate proportion without facing any sort of complexity or mystery.

Some of the leading products of Jungle Scout are:

  • The JungleScout Web App that enables the seller to easily find the products from the Amazon catalog as per category and sale price using filters.
  • JungleScout Chrome Extension with this extension all the sellers can undergo a survey tally of a large number of items with other items in terms of value.


  • Jungle Scout includes several learning tools for beginners, as such, it is very easy-to-use.
  • It has a unique feature to send screenshots to the third parties for collecting reviews.
  • It analyses the individual product variations in detail.
  • Possess high accuracy of estimation.
  • Involves a good customer care service.


  • The Jungle Scout Lite and Basic versions have limited possibilities.
  • Certain JungleScout apps and extensions are slightly expensive.
  • Needs some bug fixing while integrating the JungleScout web app with the extension.


1. Web App

  • Start-Up comes with a monthly subscription of $39.
  • The standard version can be availed at a rate of $69 per month.
  • The business version is available at a monthly subscription of $30.

2. Chrome Extension:

  • Pro version is available at a rate of $197 per month.
  • Lite version comes with a monthly subscription of $97.

2. Helium 10

Helium 10 does almost everything on behalf of the seller. It is a complete tool with various functions to assist you in becoming a better Amazon seller with increased profit margins. Helium 10 features special tools that enable the seller to analyze their sales data with accurate keywords. It is perhaps a complete user-friendly Amazon tool with a huge database of all Amazon products to help you become a successful Amazon seller.


Helium 10 has all the features that prove to be highly beneficial for all Amazon sellers. Helium 10 performs a detailed analysis of product research, refund function, and optimizes listing. It also has a special feature to reverse all ASIN searches, performs inventory protections, and provides browser extensions convenient for individual sellers. Helium 10 features a list of beneficial tools for all the Amazon sellers and helps them to organize their business and increase profits.


  • Helium 10 stands out to be the most comprehensive tool available in the market.
  • Extremely versatile with a dozen of beneficial tools for all Amazon sellers.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Its special analytical tool enables the sellers to analyze the business of other competitors.


  • Helium 10 appears to be quite difficult for beginners.
  • The helium 10 starter plan comprises certain limitations.


  • The platinum version of Helium 10 comes with a monthly subscription of $97.
  • The diamond version can be availed at a rate of $197 per month.
  • The Elite version comes for a monthly price of $397.

3. Viral launch

Viral Launch offers immense programming features to amplify the income of all the Amazon FBA sellers and make a huge positive impact on Amazon. Viral Launch diligently focuses on all the dispatched products and works on advancing the list of Amazon. It also works on the naming structure, photography of items and emails.


Viral Launch provides accurate personalized results for sellers. It is composed of several software features that enhance product discovery, with detailed keyword research and marketing intelligence that produces better results with accurate databases. Competitive Intelligence enables the sellers to check the performance of other sellers and improve accordingly.


  • Several tools help to generate higher sales.
  • The Amazon sellers can connect several other manufacturers via Viral launch.


  • Huge data is produced during analysis.
  • The intelligence tool does not always generate the correct results.


  • For beginners, the kit costs $41.79 per month.
  • Costs $70.12 per month for all Pro Sellers.


This article constitutes some of the best product research tools for Amazon. Amazon sellers can make use of any tools to extend their business in Amazon and increase their profits. Unique features of individual FBA tools have made it easier for all FBA sellers to establish their products in the online platform and gain benefits.

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