9+ Best Amazon Chrome Extensions [2023 SEP Updated]

Are you an Amazon FBA seller or an aspiring entrepreneur looking for the best Amazon Chrome Extensions to help you increase your profits? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the 9 best Amazon Chrome Extensions that are free to use and will help you maximize your Amazon FBA business in 2023.

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These extensions include an FBA calculator, an Amazon FBA keyword tool, a price tracker, and more. These are available as Google Chrome extensions, which can easily be added to your browser and used immediately.

Whether you are just starting your Amazon business or selling for years, these Chrome extensions will help take your business to the next level. Read on to discover the top nine Chrome Extensions for FBA sellers!

In this article, we have made a list of 9 important Chrome extensions you should have to boost your business.

    1. Helium 10 Extension
    2. Jungle Scout chrome plugin
    3. Viral Launch Market Intelligence
    4. Sonar (Sellics)
    5. AMZScout (Pro)
    6. Amazon keyword index and rank checker
    7. Scope – Seller Labs
    8. Sellerboard Amazon FBA profit calculator
    9. MozBar

    Are Chrome Extensions Useful?

    Chrome extensions are incredibly useful for Amazon sellers, especially when staying on top of their e-commerce business. The Jungle Scout Extension is a popular Amazon seller tool that provides price tracking in real-time, helping sellers stay competitive in the market.

    There are also Amazon discount finder Chrome extensions that help sellers identify profitable discounts that can be applied to their listings. The Amazon Assistant for Chrome is one of the best Chrome extensions for Amazon, as it offers product recommendations and automates tasks such as order tracking and customer reviews.

    In short, chrome extensions are an invaluable tool for Amazon sellers and provide many helpful features to make running an e-commerce business easier.

    List Of 9+ Best Amazon Chrome Extensions

    Here in this article, we have listed the Best Amazon Chrome Extensions that you should check once. So without any further delay, let’s dive into it.

    1. Helium 10 Extension:

    Note: If you want to get detailed insights into Helium 10, check out our Helium 10 Review here.

    Helium 10 X-Ray is an Amazon product research tool that gives customers access to many useful features. These features can help you succeed as an Amazon seller.


    Helium 10 Extension Overview
    Amazon Chrome Extensions

    The Profitability Calculator is the main feature that many vendors are raved about. This program is quite handy for calculating pricing margins and extracting fees and costs from various products.

    Helium 10 users can also use the Amazon review checker to obtain product ratings from the customer reviews portion of the product page. This tool can also be used to track inventory levels.
    In addition, thousands of Amazon merchants have already benefited from this plugin. Using the Helium 10 extension can be the difference you are looking for with your Amazon FBA seller business.

    2. Jungle Scout Chrome Plugin:

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    You need to understand how well your product segment will perform. The Jungle Scout Chrome add-on is a tool that can assist you. It will help you determine the profitability of your product niche. It shows you how much each product page is expected to sell.

    Jungle Scout Chrome Plugin Overview:

    Aside from that, it can provide you with the following data:

        • BSR average (bestseller ranking)

        • The average cost

        • That product’s opportunity score

        • Information about the seller

        • The number of reviews for a specific product.

      Jungle Scout has a Chrome extension that you can use in conjunction with the Jungle Scout web app. With this, you can create an all-in-one Amazon seller toolkit. In addition, you can check online for some discount offers for Jungle Scout plans.

      3. Viral Launch Market Intelligence:

      The Viral Launch Market Intelligence Chrome plugin may interest you if you seek in-depth Amazon analytical data. This market intelligence tool was created to locate profitable items on the Amazon platform.

      Viral Launch Overview

      Users can also look at pricing history, previous sales, revenue statistics, and other features. Market information from the Viral Launch browser plugin is an Amazon analytics tool every seller should use. It can tell you which things you can sell and which products on the site are the most profitable.

      With monthly and year-end selling and historical trends, it can assist you in comprehending the market. The built-in calculator can be used to calculate expenditures and earnings.

      Viral Launch Market Intelligence is available in four different versions, with monthly and yearly subscription options. Every annual subscription bundle comes with two months free.

      4. Sonar (Sellics):

      Sonar is a free keyword research tool for Amazon. It recognizes customer behavior and what a user is looking for on the site and stores all those queries in its database. You may find all the essential keywords for your product and apply them to your product listing to improve it.

      Sellics Overview

      Sellics is a one-stop shop tracking profits, increasing traffic, and managing PPC ads throughout Amazon. Three editions are available: Seller Edition, Vendor Edition, and Agency Edition.

      5. AMZ Scout Pro Chrome Extension:

      AMZ Scout Pro Chrome extension is very beneficial for identifying trends and selling successful products on Amazon. You can instantly compare products on Amazon sites using AMZScout’s Quick View Extension.

      AMZScout Overview

      A profit-calculation tool is also available, which may be beneficial when determining whether or not a product may be marketed profitably. This Chrome extension is free to download, and the AMZ Scout Pro edition comes with a 30-day free trial for new customers.

      AMZScout can assist you in locating a profitable niche on Amazon. You may also use this tool to select things you can sell on Amazon to increase your profit. AMZScout can be found in ten different nations.

      AMZScout has a number of features:

          • Get a sales estimate

          • Obtain a revenue estimate

          • Examine the Listing Details on quality, price, and ranking

          • Check out the most recent fashion trends.

          • Data can be exported

        6. Amazon Keyword Index and Rank Checker:

        You can use the Amazon keyword index and rank checker tools to develop a strong marketing strategy. This strategy will be based on genuine demographic data and attract many people to your goods.

        Amazon Keyword Index and Rank Checker Overview

        It enables you to obtain accurate keywords as well as a precise ranking. It also aids in the optimization of your Amazon submissions, which will increase product visibility and sales.

        7. Scope Seller Chrome Extension:

        This Amazon seller Chrome extension allows you to find profitable products. This extension can help you identify sales-driving keywords, so you can increase your inventory and sell more products.

        Scope Seller Overview

        The scope can assist us with the following:

            • You can uncover high-traffic keywords to increase the search position of your Amazon store by using keyword discovery. It displays the top-ranking keywords for a given product.

            • Competitor research: You may use this to do a reverse ASIN lookup to see what your competitors are selling.

            • Product Analysis: Determine your prospective profits for a new product using Amazon’s charge, pricing, and sales predictions. 

            • To find the perfect product, use reviews, categories, the number of sellers, star ratings, and sales rank to narrow down your search.

            • Organize information: keep track of how well your website is performing in the search engines for any product or keyword.

          8. Seller Board Amazon Extension: 

          Determining profitability is one of the most crucial business admin jobs if you sell physical things on Amazon FBA.

          Seller Board Overview

          The seller board Amazon extension is a tool that helps with this.

              • This is critical both before and after you launch an Amazon product. You’ll need to undertake some calculations and research throughout the product research phase. 

              • This is to assess the product’s potential before it launches, taking into account initial investment expenditures, expected sales, and FBA costs.

              • There are numerous beneficial Amazon seller Chrome extensions available for organizations of all sizes and budgets. 

              • To pick the ideal extension for your needs, try out a few keywords, product research, and price alert extensions.

            9. MozBar Chrome Extension:

            MozBar is a powerful Chrome extension that’s part of the Amazon family of products. It provides easy access to SEO data, monitoring tools, and insights into competitors’ strategies. With MozBar, you can quickly check page authority, domain authority, link metrics, and more from any page on the web. 

            MozBar Chrome extension

            The extension also provides detailed SEO reports and allows you to export the data for further analysis. With MozBar, you can quickly see what keywords are driving traffic to a given page or domain. It’s easy to install and use—all you have to do is log in with your Amazon account and start exploring.

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              Conclusion: Best Chrome Extensions for FBA

              As an Amazon seller, you want to make the best use of your time to run your business. Chrome extensions allow you to perform simple tasks without worrying about switching websites or application interphases.

              They also help you maximize the function of any seller tool you have already bought or subscribed for. Chrome extensions also allow you to perform different operations while still on the Amazon website.

              One of the best ways to choose extensions is to identify your most used seller tools. Look for and install the extensions to get the best experience while operating your seller account.

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