Freedom Ticket Review 2023: Helium 10 FBA Course [Kevin King]

Are you looking to learn how to use the Helium 10 FBA Course to increase your Amazon sales? Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket Review 2023 can help you get started. With over ten years of experience as a successful Amazon seller, King has developed a comprehensive course that will teach you the fundamentals of selling on Amazon and how to use the Helium 10 software suite to maximize your profits.

Freedom Ticket Review

He covers everything from setting up an account and building a product listing page to optimizing for search and analyzing data. The course also provides strategies for increasing customer engagement, discovering profitable products, and managing inventory.

This Freedom Ticket Review 2023 article will discuss what the course entails and whether it’s worth taking.

Who is the Creator of Freedom Ticket?

Kevin King, who has set up multiple private label brands and eCommerce businesses, created the Freedom Ticket course for the FBA sellers. Since the 1995 eBay days, Kevin has been selling products on online commercial platforms. Now Kevin has successfully grown up as the biggest eCommerce entrepreneur. 


So, now he has decided to note down the experience and pass it to the young entrepreneur trying to succeed as FBA Sellers. He launched the eight weeks training module, “Freedom Ticket.” 

The course module provided a stepwise guide and expert advice to train beginner sellers and students who want to start an FBA business and earn passive income.

How to Get Freedom Ticket with Helium 10?

This section will show you how to get the Freedom Ticket service with Helium 10. A simple upgrade will give you the subscription. You have to visit the following link. Here you will find the account upgrade set up for Helium 10 users. 

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Key Features of the Freedom Ticket Course

The course covers basic to advanced-level training about earning six or seven-figure income by selling on Amazon. The key highlights of the course are as follows: 

  • Quick tips on setting up inventory management, shipping costs, dealing with vendors, and much more. 
  • How to choose the potential products to sell on Amazon 
  • Branding and how to leverage sponsored ads 
  • How to do product sourcing
  • Setting up the pay-per-click ads campaigns 

The bonus point of having this course is learners will get a weekly newsletter from Kelvin King in which he provides crucial tips about how to establish your own online business. In addition, you get access to the Freedom Ticket social media platforms, such as the Facebook group, and learn how to expand your eCommerce businesses. 

Written notes in easy-to-download format and templates with spreadsheets. Moreover, students also learn to avoid the common mistakes made during the FBA business.

What Comes With the Freedom Ticket?

Freedom Ticket Course

The Freedom Ticket learning curve helps Amazon sellers to increase their profits. Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. It is often challenging to establish your brand on the platform. The competition is very high for a new seller. The course comes into play and changes the dynamics. You get access to lessons from successful entrepreneurs on the platform. They offer working and collaborative advice to the new business owner. Here are the specifics of the Freedom Ticket course –

1. 8-Week Training

8 Weeks Of Training

The professionals offer users Training every week for eight weeks. You will get access to industry secrets from leading online sellers. Each week they will cover multiple topics. In addition, you can become a profitable and confident Amazon seller at the end of this educational cycle. In addition, they will offer you over 60 video training guides during this period. 

2. Uses Real Data

How Freedom Ticket Works

The Freedom Ticket course gives real-life examples of sellers making profits using Amazon. It doesn’t provide you with bogus or fictional numbers. Instead, they do so to ensure you can be comfortable trying out their tricks in the real world.

3. Notes and output

Users get access to the output of every video tutorial. It is helpful to ensure that people don’t miss out on the information as the video course is only available for a limited time. They offer documentation and notes that can guide you in the future. It is always significant to have something to take a look at later. 

4. Handouts

Refund Policy

The data analysis handouts empower you with accounting services and much more. You can keep in continuous touch with avoidable mistakes. It comes with over 30+ booklets on the platform. 

5. Certification

Certificate Of Completion

The Freedom Ticket platform also provides you with digital certification. It is very beneficial for users who want to save up on costs. You can utilize the certificate for future teaching courses. 

Pros & Cons Of Freedom Ticket


  • Complete training about earning six-figure or seven-figure income by selling products on Amazon 
  • Free access to the Freedom Ticket for the prime member of Helium 10 
  • Success secrets the real sellers like Kevin Kings 
  • Access to the PPC advertising, product finding, and other features, along with course 
  • Eight weeks training module in the stepwise format 
  • 15 shoulder computer walk-throughs 


  • It is expensive for the beginner sellers

What comes with Helium 10?

Helium 10

The Helium 10 service is perfect for users starting with Amazon FBA. You get access to a lot of features that are great for research. Helium 10 users have an increasing advantage over the other competitors. You can dramatically reduce production costs, manufacture, and increase your returns. So let’sLet’s see how Helium 10 benefits the users.

1. Product Research Tools

Product Research Tools

As a new Amazon seller, finding new products can be challenging. Their platform has a proficient product research service that gives you quick results. Users can find a profitable product or service to offer on Amazon. They make use of many filters and data analysis tools to provide you with accurate results. It gives you a constant stream of stable revenue with some minor investment. Product research tools are BlackBox, Trendster, and X-Ray. You can get crucial information about goods that are selling hot on Amazon. 

2. Keyword Research

Keyword Tracker Tool

Keyword research is necessary for users who want to be at the top of search results. There are multiple keyword tools available with Helium 10. The most useful service is Cerebro on the platform. You can research existing Amazon listings through the agency. It is beneficial for users who want to learn their competition tactics. The Magnet service is also excellent for keyword research. You can find new unique words for the listings on the Amazon store. It will help your product become instantly recognizable. 

3. Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization

Amazon sellers need to stay in touch with listing trends. It can often be challenging to manage the same by yourself. Users can get the listing optimization done quickly with the Helium 10 service. Writing listings can be a challenging task if you have a lot of products. The online optimization service enables you to increase the pace. It will ensure that the visitors to your product page interact more. Your goods have a higher chance of sales as you work on the engagement.  

4. Analytics

Data analysis is a must in the current digital age. Everyone is using this service to start getting working results. Users can earn a dramatic increase in sales and profits if the observations lead to positive implementations. The analysis tools offer you Keyword Trackers, Market trackers, and profit handling. 

It is simple to start work on increasing market share. The tool gives you all information regarding your portals and profits and shows your organization’s tools. 

5. Marketing tools

Marketing Tools

You cannot get sales without the support of marketing. The Helium 10 service has an upcoming marketing service to improve your numbers. They help you to get readers and visitors to make more purchases. The tools include the Helium 10 Portals beta and ADS beta. 

These tools enable you to create PPC campaigns along with landing pages. It takes you a step closer to complete automation.

How does Freedom Ticket help you make money?

Freedom Ticket is a great way to make money. It allows you to create and manage your online store easily and even helps you find products in high demand to optimize your profits. With Freedom Ticket, you can also track your sales and profits, as well as set up automated email campaigns for marketing purposes. 

Furthermore, you have access to various payment gateways so that customers can easily pay. All these features make it easy for anyone to make money online without technical knowledge or prior experience. 

Despite its simplicity, Freedom Ticket ensures that you have everything you need to succeed in selling products online and making good money.

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In a nutshell, Freedom Ticket is a powerful course designed for amateur sellers who want to succeed as FBA sellers and earn potential income. So, if you are considering having the course on becoming an excel seller, this is for you. 

However, if you’re already a subscriber of Helium 10, then directly access the course for free. But if you haven’t registered for Helium 10 yet, you can take the training course as a sole member without taking the Helium 10 subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How I became Freedom Ticket certified?

Once you have gone through all Freedom Ticket courses, you can unlock its certification test, which questions you based on the knowledge you have learned in your FBA training. You will be officially certified if you have a score of more than 70%.

How does Freedom Ticket help to sell on Amazon?

This FBA course has downloadable files and spreadsheets that help you sense your number. For example, if you are a beginner or experienced private label seller, the knowledge you will get from the Freedom Ticket is not provided by any other FBA courses.

Why take an Amazon FBA course?

An Amazon FBA course is a great way to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this competitive market. It will provide you with valuable insights into the basics of Fulfillment by Amazon, as well as more advanced strategies for running your business. With an Amazon FBA course, you can learn how to launch and manage a profitable online store, optimize product listings, calculate fees and taxes, manage product-related logistics, market your products on Amazon and other platforms, use automated customer service tools, and more.

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