7+ Best Amazon PPC Software (Updated 2022)

Are you finding it difficult to choose the best Pay Per Click tool for your Amazon business? Here we have listed the Best Amazon PPC Software that you should check once.

Don’t worry. I’m here to show you the best tools that will help your products appear on the first-page result of any search on Amazon. 

You already know that your PPC campaign will not be successful without proper research. If you are running a PPC campaign on Amazon, you need software that can help you get better results. 

That is why Amazon PPC software is important. But how do you choose the best tool? 

There are so many options in the market. Choosing the best tools will depend on the features you want. 

These features include excellent keyword research, an excellent user interface, easy-to-set automation, and the integration ability of the software. 

Based on these features, we have drawn up a list of the Best Amazon PPC software that can give you exactly what you need.

7+ Best Amazon PPC Software (2022)

Here we have listed 5+ best Amazon PPC Software there.

Adtomic by Helium 10- Your AI-powered PPC automation software. 

Viral Launch – Your reliable selling tool

SellerApp– Your real time market analyser

Teikametrics– Your customizable market PPC software

Zon. tools – Your favorite ad segmentation PPC software 

1. Helium 10

Adtomic by Helium 10 is the PPC of choice for most Amazon sellers. 

Some Helium 10  features have different names, so users can easily find them. 

Some names of these features include the BlackBox, trendsetter, adtomic, Frankenstein, etc. 

The Adtomic PPC is a pay-per-click software that helps maximize your ads’ profits. 

It will help you design a proper campaign with artificial intelligence. While it does this, your advertising cost will also reduce. 

Best Amazon PPC Software - Helium 10

Adtomic will also help you obtain useful information on both organic and paid sales and learn how to utilize them. 

BlackBox is a product research tool. It generates results from data collected from over 450 Million products on Amazon. 

Many more features make Helium 10 the most sought-after product, and here is a brief rundown of them. 

Key Features of Helium 10

  • Magnet Tool: Product Database
  • Black Box Product research
  • Scribbler: Product Description
  • Adtomic: PPC Manager
  • Keyword tracker: Track keywords
  • Index Checker: Identify indexed words

When it comes to plans, Helium might be on the high side but is good value for your money. It starts from $39.99 and goes up to $249.99

When you subscribe to a plan, you have up to 30 days to decide that you want your money back. 

Starter Plan: $39/month, Platinum Plan: $99/month, Diamond Plan: $249/month, Eliter Plan: $399/month

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2. Kinetic BY Viral Launch:

A lot of guesswork goes into selling products on Amazon. For example, you need to find the right product that customers are willing to buy. 

You also need to make sure you list the products properly so that your customers can find them. These are just two of the many things you need to do. 

If you want to control all the aspects of your campaign, Kinetic PPC will help you do that. 

Viral Launch - Kinetic

It allows you to control every aspect of your automation so that you know what goes on behind the scenes. That way, guesswork is eliminated. 

The Kinetic PPC tool also provides a comprehensive report of your adverts. 

When it comes to pricing, Viral launch plans start at $69.99 and go up to $199 per month. 

Key Features of Viral Launch

  • Product Discovery tool 
  • Competitor Intelligence 
  • List Builder 
  • Split Testing 
  • Listing Analyzer 
  • Market Intelligence 
  • Kinetic PPC

We also have an exclusive Viral Launch Coupon Code to help you save more money on your purchase.

3. SellerApp

As a seller on Amazon, your products need optimization for the Amazon search engine. Hence, you need a tool that offers you effective SEO for your products. SellerApp is that tool. 

You can plan your PPC campaign around an effective SEO with an AI and ML-powered tool. With that, your customer sees your product. 

The keyword analyzer can help you put together all the results of your PPC campaigns. With this result, you can maximize your PPC advert on Amazon. 


SellerApp also offers customer support that can walk you through the product if you are having any challenges.

The pricing for Sellerapp starts at $39 monthly. 

Sellerapp combines a lot of the features that eCommerce owners need. That means you do not need to subscribe to multiple apps to manage your PPC. 

Key Features 

  • Keyword Research: Find important keywords
  • Keyword Tracking: Show Keyword Performance 
  • Index Checker: Check keyword indices
  • Product research: Find Profitable Products
  • Sellers tracking: Track your competition 

4. Teikametics PPC Campaign Optimizer

Amazon sellers need all the insight they can get and apply them to PPC campaigns. 

If you want software that finds and applies all the tips you need to create an effective PPC campaign in real-time, Teikametrics PPC software is specifically made for you. 

With Teikametrics PPC Campaign optimizer, your products also become more visible, increasing sales. 

Teikametics - Overview

Teikametrics also offers suggestions of what to improve and what to avoid at the end of a campaign. 

Another unique feature of the Teikametrics PPC Campaign analyzer is that you can set your important keywords and your bid budget. 

Teikametrics can handle the rest from your dashboard. 

Key Features of Teikametrics

  • Algorithm Bidding Optimization: Optimize PPC bids
  • Reporting tools: Track your data
  • FBA Overview Dashboard: General Control 
  • Profit Analysis tools: Analyze Ad efficiency
  • PPC Management/Sponsored products and sponsored brand optimization. 
  • Inventory management: Manage Product Listing 
  • Keyword ranking research: Find relevant keywords
  • A/B testing: Split test campaigns
  • PPC campaign optimizer: Maximize your campaign
  • Product review analysis: Compares between products. 

When it comes to pricing, Teikametrics has a unique pricing model. 

They run a free plan for businesses with less than $10,000 monthly ad spend. Then charge 3% of your ad budget from $10,000 upwards.

5. Zon.Tools 

Zon. Tools is a 2-in-1 Amazon PPC software that combines both PPC management and ad automation in one tool. It is further ahead than the rest. 

One unique feature of Zon. Tools are that you can create multiple segments of your ads and manage them individually. 

Zon.Tools - Overview

This feature also allows you to monitor your ads on the Amazon website and know when it is not performing well. 

Zon.Tools incorporate prevailing best practices into your adverts. These are got through data, giving you an edge and reducing your advertising cost. 

Key features

  • Target Miner: Find keyword opportunities
  • Keyword miner: Find relevant keywords
  • Keyword recycler: Reuse keywords intelligently
  • Bid gambler: Place an automatic bid
  • Terminator: Find the competition’s keywords
  • Keyword guardian: Keyword use guide
  • Bid-nailer: Place required bids. 

Zon.Tools pricing starts from $9 per month. It increases as you use more features.

6. Perpetua

Perpetua is also the best PPC that you should appraise once. This is a multichannel platform for eCommerce, which means you can manage not only the Amazon Ads campaign but also manage marketplaces like Target, Walmart, and many more. With this tool, you can boost your growth to the next level. 

Perpetua Overview

Its automated campaign, execution, and optimization help to save your time. You have to input your campaign like growth, profitability, and awareness now, leaving the rest to the Perpetua ad engine. 

Perpetua’s pricing plan starts at $250 per month and goes up to $550 per month.

Key Features:  

  • Marketplace Ads optimization 
  • Video Advertising 
  • Display Advertising 
  • Market Inteligence Report 
  • Automated Campaign Execution
  • Custom Theme

7. Sellics: 

Sellics is the best choice for those who want to become the best Amazon advertising because it is one of the best advertising platforms on the internet. It helps you automate your campaign management based on the rules you set or decide by the AI.  Sellics provide lots of features such as keyword research, Ad scheduling, target ACOS settings, and bid management automation. 

Sellics Overview

Sellics AI algorithm can easily evaluate sales and manage your campaign and keyword cluster. It also offers you some access to additional tools such as a review management tool and SEO optimization. 

Key Features: 

  • Keyword Ranking 
  • Review Management Tool 
  • PPC Management 
  • Amazon PPC Software 
  • Profit Tracking 
  • Ad optimization 

Conclusion: Best Amazon PPC Software (2022)

As a business owner, you want to generate enough traffic and manage your ad budget to yield the best returns. 

Managing all the facets of the ad can be cumbersome, tedious, and frustrating. 

After setting up your store on Amazon, you want to run a PPC campaign that will drive users to your store. For this, you need the perfect PPC tool.   

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a PPC tool. 

This will depend on the size of your eCommerce business and what you want to do with the tool. 

If you require a tool that combines multiple features, Helium 10 is your best option. 

If you want to experiment with your ads as you go along, you wouldn’t be making a bad choice with Zon.Tools and Teikametrics. 

Viral Launch can help you get the most visibility if you are looking to launch your eCommerce store.

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