Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout [2022] – The Ultimate Comparison

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are two of the most useful utility tools for Amazon sellers. These tools help you get your products off the ground. Users can increase their sales dramatically by investing in such instruments. Product and market research is key to a successful online business on the platform. Millions of sellers are joining in, and the competition is getting cutthroat. Many sellers have to choose their research companion for the online business. Helium 10 has its perks, while Jungle Scout brings stability.

Today we will do a head-to-head comparison of the two tools for our needs. Let’s find which is best for your business. 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout – Overview

Here we have compared Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout. Let’s have a look.

Helium 10 Overview:

Helium 10 is the first-ever online seller tool that was made. It caters specifically to Amazon sellers and has done ample research in the field. The developers have created an integrated system that works with all sellers. It is your one-stop solution for becoming a professional at the job. The eCommerce platform has a lot of potential for growth in business. Their data analysis tools help you get insights within a few seconds. 

Helium 10-Overview

It is a much-required online resource for your business. The top keywords tool enables you to get recognized. Market with confidence using Helium 10. To get detailed insight about Helium 10 then check out our in-depth Helium 10 Review here.

Jungle Scout Overview:

Jungle Scout, on the other hand, is a relatively new competitor in the market. They are trying to take things with a different approach. The site is aimed at working toward providing you with a hands-on seller experience. It will help to get you all the required information from product research to suppliers.

Jungle Scout-Overview

All business-related data can be found here. It is useful for product curation as well. Users can make catchy, amazon product pages with the site’s help. The Jungle scout site is aimed at making your products more customer-friendly. It will help you derive more sales and increase profit. 

Helium 10 Vs. Jungle Scout: Data Accuracy

The foremost thing that FBA sellers monitor while choosing between the Jungle Scout and Helium 10 is data accuracy. Notably, the Jungle Scout offers an 84.1% accuracy rate higher than the Helium 10, which is only 74%. 

Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout- Data Accuracy

So, this means you can rely on the Jungle Scout in terms of searching data about the product research, sales analysis, and many more. However, that doesn’t mean Helium 10 is unreliable to find the potential products to sell on Amazon. 

It offers great results, but sometimes the data doesn’t meet the seller’s needs. So, it would be great to use the Jungle Scout for better accurate results. The data accuracy rate helps understand whether you are risking your money or making revenues.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout – Features

We are showcasing the titans of the Amazon FBA tools. In this guide, we hope to compare the two giants accurately. Their features can be the best differentiating factor. Here are the findings that we came across. 

Helium 10 Features:

Helium 10 has tons of uses for its customers. Here are their highlights. 

1. Product research

There are multiple varieties of tools available in this department. The options to choose from are endless. You can find products that are trending or suitable for beginners. These will help you launch a new service and ensure you can get more profits. There is a chrome extension that helps you know more about products while browsing Amazon.

Helium 10-Product Research

Users can also calculate their proposed benefits under the research banner. It will help you grab ASIN. These help you stay aware of your product from the inside out. Research tools like a black box, trendster, Xray, and profitability calculators will all come in handy. 

2. Keyword research

Keywords are a significant aspect of any amazon listing. These help you get recognized in the product search engine. The Helium 10 lineup gives you ample resources to do your keyword research. Cerebro is a popular tool that uses reverse ASIN to find keywords.


These help you to get the keywords of popular products in the store. It is best to research your competitor’s keywords. The magnet tool is essential for listing new products on the market. You can get results in bulk with these tools. The misspelling or tool helps you correct your spelling mistakes. 

3. Optimize listings 

Everyone wants their products to work well online. There are different tools available to provide you with information to improve your products. Generate impactful product pages with multiple keyword lists. The Frankenstein tool auto-generates them for your needs. Scribbles is another prominent tool that helps you rank the keywords.

Helium10-Listing Optimizer

You will never miss out on a keyword in the listings. It will be a great way to get your products noticed on the platform. The index checker helps you know the index of your keywords. It gets the job done within 30 seconds. 

4. Marketing 

Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of selling anything online. The Helium 10 tool helps you get the products in people’s suggestions. The ADS tool is still in the beta stages but works quite well. The PPC campaigns work themselves. Get better bids for your amazon ads and more profits.


Run virtual tests to check the success of your strategies. It makes the process of managing your business easy. The portals tool helps you build landing pages. These are crucial for people who click on your ads. You can create a personal brand from the ground up. 

5. Miscellaneous

There are tons of other features offered by Helium 10. Users can dictate the entirety of their operations using these tools. Services like inventory protection, refunds, emails, and mobile apps can all be managed. Analytics is also an essential tool for making future business decisions. 

Jungle Scout Features:

Jungle Scout also has a lot to offer its users. Here are the features they bring to the table. 

1. Product Database

Jungle scout has a vast product database for all its users. It provides you the insights to make things better. You can find the solution to your business needs. The tool helps you figure out the most profitable product according to your requirements. There are 70 million amazon products in this research pool database. It helps you to think out of the box and make high returns on investments. 

Jungle Scout- Product Database

Users can also calculate the potential profits and make room for the seller charges. The product tracker tool helps you monitor the growth or decline in sales. It is excellent for seasonally popular things. 

2. Suppliers

Jungle scout also connects with your suppliers of the products. You can find a new vendor for your offering and get the best quotes. It is an all-in-one network for your selling needs. New amazon entrepreneurs will love this tool. 


You can find high-quality and premium products at affordable prices. It also connects you with manufacturers to make your dream product a reality. The sellers are verified using the site’s suppliers checklist. Users can also find niche suppliers for their needs. You can search using ASIN to find the vendor for your competitors. 

3. Keywords Scout

As we discussed earlier, keywords are an essential tool for success on the platform. These help your product and brand get recognized. With the scouting tool, you can find the keywords that matter. You can get insights into the product listings of your competitors online. Users get to work with high-ranking keywords for the search engines.


It is a great way to research the tactics used by other sellers. With an ideal keyword listing, you can save a lot on PPC advertisements. The research results are transferred to dot CSV files. 

4. Sales Analytics

Sales analytics are a great way to know which strategies are working and which are bust. The tool is a great way to see if you will make a decent profit. It helps you compute the necessary fees, expenses, and sales. Data analysis is crucial for people who want to get more deals. Know what your performances are using these research tools. It is also useful for those who want to compare sales to identify seasonal cycles. 

5. Miscellaneous

There are many other small computing tools for your amazon seller needs. The inventory manager helps you keep track of the products sold and remaining. It is helpful to keep your stock updated. The launch tools help you to start a new lineup of the product. 


These help you out in promotions and derive more sales. There are also academy tutorials for new sellers. Jungle Scout also gives you regular updates whenever there are specific changes to listings. 

Helium 10 Vs. Jungle Scout: Key Differences 

Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are the two biggest FBA tools that offer premium features to run a successful FBA business and earn more revenues. However, these two are quite different in many ways, which I will discuss here. 

Features  Jungle Scout  Helium 10
Product Research
Keyword Research
Keyword Rank Tracker
Profit & Sales Tracking
Request Reviews in One Click
Product Tracking
Opportunity Finder x
Inventory Manager x
Global Supplier Database x
Opportunity Score x
Product Launch Service x
Unlimited Email Campaigns x
PPC Automation Tool x
Mobile App x

Helium 10 Vs. Jungle Scout: Resources & Customer Support

Resources and customer support are the two most crucial features that all FBA sellers look for whenever they look forward to having the FBA tools. So, here I will shed some light on the resources and customer support system of this product finder tool to know which tool fits your needs the most. 

Jungle Scout is a premium FBA seller tool that provides you with vast resources that help to become a pro-FBA seller. This tool offers Jungle Scout Academy, allowing sellers to learn about the tools and become advanced-level sellers. 

Besides that, it offers a comprehensive training library and step-by-step case studies, ensuring better results. You get tooltip Tuesdays to know about the product features and get regular webinars. With this, you will achieve the desired results and understand the tool easily. 

Aside from this, the tool provides an exclusive team of more than 20 customer supporters who are ready to answer your queries easily. On the other hand, Helium 10 also offers a live training academy that helps learn how to access the tool. 

The program also offers Freedom Ticket, which helps to know how to sell products on Amazon and hands-on-technical run. Plus, you get a reliable customer support system that helps answer all the queries quickly without any delay.

Helium 10 Vs. Jungle Scout: Pricing Plans

Now, let’s know about the pricing plans of both these tools. 

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans 

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Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans for the FBA sellers, which are as follows:


Basic Plan:

The tool validates product ideas and is excellent for beginner sellers. The plan is available at $49 per month, including a single-user license, complete access to the browser extensions, and finding out the products. 

Suite Plan:

This covers everything that helps find new products and allows you to manage the business. The plan is available at $69 per month and is ideal for small and large FBA sellers. It provides you with review automation, and access to historical data and keyword data. Besides that, you get access to more user licenses. 

Professional Plan:

The professional plan is available at $129 per month. This plan gives you access to more features and allows you to track more than 1000 ASINs. You can also get the six months historical data with the help of a product tracker. 

Keynote: You get a seven-day money-back guarantee. You can test the tool easily before purchasing any premium plan. 

Helium 10 Pricing Plan 

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Helium 10 offers the four pricing plans for the FBA sellers that suit your needs incredibly. The plan is as follows:

Helium 10 Pricing Plan

Starter Plan:

The plan is available at $39 per month. This provides you access to the X-Ray, free tickets, and find the products. However, the plan offers only limited features and is excellent for newbie sellers. 

Platinum Plan:

The plan is available at $99 per month. In this plan, you get a keyword tracker for exploring 2500 keywords per month. Moreover, you get 100 ASINs per month and many more features. 

Diamond Plan:

The plan is available at $249 per month and is perfect for the sellers and FBA teams who want to scale up their businesses. This covers multiple user logins, index checkers, keyword trackers, product finders, and many more. 

Elite Plan:

The Elite plan will cost you $399 per month and is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to improve their sales. Moreover, the plan covers everything you need to improve your business and get better results. 

Keynote: Each plan offers a 30-days money-back guarantee, so you will be at least at risk of trying the tool. 

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Integration 

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout both have different integration choices. You can use its chrome extension to integrate with these tools. 

Helium 10 Integration: 

  • Xray 
  • Inventory Level 
  • Review Downloader 
  • Listing Health Score 
  • ASIN Graber 
  • Profitability Calculator 

Jungle Scout Integration: 

  • Keyword Scout 
  • Product Database 
  • AccuSales Estimates
  • Product Tracker 
  • Supplier Database 
  • Opportunity Scorer 

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Conclusion: Which One Is The Winner?

Helium 10 and Jungle scout are known to target two different groups of customers. Helium is meant for people who are already established on the platform. New sellers who want to launch a product can utilize Jungle scout. The price also plays an essential factor when choosing an FBA service. It all depends on your budget and requirements. Buy the one which is suitable for your needs today. 

In the guide, we were hoping to clear all your doubts regarding the two seller tools. As an Amazon seller, it can be challenging to do your research. These are both viable options for you to increase sales and get better results. We recommend you try the tools for your brand and line of products.


Is there any discount coupon available for Helium 10?

there is an active discount coupon available on Helium 10 that gives you a 35% discount on annual plans and additional three months free on the annual plans of Helium 10. So, if you are sure about access to the tool, then access the annual plans and enjoy additional three months of services.

Does Jungle Scout offer inventory management features?

Yes, Jungle Scout offers an inventory management tool that helps track the stock. With inventory management, you will know when it’s time to refill the stock.

Which of these offer a free trial, Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

Both the tools don’t offer free trial services. However, the Jungle Scout offers a 7-days money-back guarantee on the premium plans. At the same time, Helium 10 offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. 
So, you can access the premium plans of both tools without worrying about the risk of money. However, make sure to cancel the subscription before the end date of the money-back guarantee to claim the money.

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