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Helium 10 is an underground tool for Amazon sellers. It is a popular hack for Amazon sellers to increase their profits. The requirement for Amazon seller tools has increased dramatically in the past few years. In 2019 the website was the biggest eCommerce platform worldwide. The company has a substantial yearly revenue in the 100s of billions comfortably. The platform also sees stable growth each year. Now is the best time to join the Amazon digital revolution. Selling with Amazon can be the perfect decision for your business. Helium 10 tools are there always to help you. Today we’ll be reviewing them and providing you with discount coupons as well. This is your in-depth guide to the Amazon seller services.

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The Helium 10 website offers you a plethora of options to improve your selling. The number of professional tools on the website will baffle you. It can get a lot confusing when you are trying to track the services that you need. Helium offers you all the tools in a single software package. It will translate to effective selling on the Amazon website. In turn, you can use a combination of all these tools to maximize your profits.


With the help of Helium 10, the young entrepreneurial amazon seller can get an advantage at every step. Helium software has tools in many different categories that solve various problems. They also provide multiple options when it comes to a service type. It is beneficial for users who want to experiment with the available services. They have tools for keyword research, marketing, analytics, product research, optimizing your listings, and all of your operations. It is the perfect companion for any upcoming seller. Users of this service can create an immediate impact on the market and their wallets. 

Helium 10 Coupon & Discount Code – December 2021 [Updated]


The Helium 10 service can be quite expensive for many new sellers. To help ease the subscription, we have a coupon. The voucher can be redeemed at any time on the website. At the time of checkout, add the token to receive your card. It is quite reliable and works on every device. The coupon code is HELIUM50FUN for a monthly subscription. This coupon will give you an 50% discount on your first month of subscription. 

While signing up for an annual subscription, use this coupon code – FUN10HELIUM. It will give you an additional 10% discount. 

Product Research Tools:

The Helium 10 website offers users with six unique product research tools. When the power of these services is combined, you can optimize your sales. Amazon is a platform that provides consumers with everything. There are 50+ product categories on the website. Product research is the first step to becoming a successful Amazon seller. With this, users can narrow down the millions of products sold on Amazon. The BlackBox software heads the product research tools. It is the critical ingredient developed by Helium 10. This tool enables users to find their perfect product out of the 450 million listings on the website. Users can find a unique profitable product with just a simple click. This service is combined well with services like Xray, review downloader, inventory levels, trendster, and profitability calculator. Through these tools, all of your market research is sorted out. 

1. Black Box


The Black Box tool helps in finding a suitable and profitable amazon product. There are multiple filters to fine-tune your search. The software is data-driven and is entirely automated. Users can get their search results in a matter of seconds.  

2. Xray


The Xray tool is available as a chrome extension. This software offers users all the market insights in one place. It is a useful interactive tool for your help. There are multiple sub tools added on the extension to improve your experience. It will also help you to find the ASIN or Amazon standard identification number. It includes the profitability calculator and inventory levels tool as well. Through the extension, users can also download all the reviews from an Amazon page. Users just need to have a free helium ten account to start using this extension. 

3. Trendster


The trendster tool helps find the amazon product sales trends. It enables you to visualize with interactive sales graphs. It will help you find out if your product can have stable sales. It can also be used to find high-profit seasonal products. 

Keyword Research Tools


Keywords are an essential aspect of any online retailer as they help the product to get more visibility online. It will enable a random google search to display your product. With Helium 10, you can take your keyword research to the next level. Users are provided with two unique applications to help. Amazon also requires users to invest in SEO. The magnet and Cerebro tools are quite useful. Here are more details about them. 

1. Magnet


It is a tool that can take your online presence to the next level. It is the perfect companion for keyword research. It will help you to get on the top of Amazon search as well as Google search. Users can test highly relevant keywords on the amazon marketplace using this software. It has the most extensive database for the same. Find search terms that are relevant to your listing in a flash.  

2. Cerebro


Cerebro is also a popular offering by helium 10. It offers you strategies to grow your product by reverse analyzing ASIN. It is the best tool for replicating growth efficiently. It can help to implement already successful keywords on your products. It is the best way to get ahead of your competition. Users can quickly increase their position on the amazon search results by just a few clicks. 

Listing Optimization


Making listings on Amazon can be a pain for many users. Adding many listings is made easy with the Helium 10 automation tools. There are multiple tools like scribbles and Frankenstein offered by them, which automate the work. Both of these tools are useful to attract more customers to your listings. They combine aspects of keyword processing and automatic posting. These work well in synergy with Magnet and Cerebro. Many professional Amazon sellers don’t even require these tools. 

1. Scribbles

scribblesThis tool will help to optimize your keywords on the listing. It ensures you do not miss out on impact words. It is suitable for managing the front end as well as the back end of things. You can import and export existing amazon listings in a matter of seconds. It also helps you stick to the product listing guidelines.

2. Frankenstein


The Frankenstein tool helps users to rank higher on the search engine easily. Users will save a lot of time and effort as this tool can process keywords in just a few seconds. It is the perfect tool to increase traffic and boost sales of your products. 

Overall Ratings – 9/10

The Helium 10 website offers all amazon seller tools in one single package. It is undoubtedly everything a budding entrepreneur could ask. It is the best platform to meet all of your selling requirements. Users can increase their profits with these automatic tools. We recommend this service to new and experienced Amazon sellers. Sign up for the service with our coupon code to get discounts. 

How to Sign up for Helium 10 using Discount Code?

Helium 10 offers users to sign up for free on their website. Users can benefit from many of their premium services without spending a single penny. Follow this guide to sign up for Helium 10. 

  • On your Windows or macOS device, open up your favorite browser. Now enter the following link to visit the Helium 10 website – https://www.helium10.com/ and Apply Coupon Code: Helium50Fun
  • On the helium 10 website, you will find the option to sign up. Click on the get your free account button to begin.


  • The previous step will take you to the signup page. Here you are required to enter all of your correct details. Click on sign up to start your account.


Voila! You have signed up for the Helium 10 services. Now you can try out their free services or buy premium tools. 

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The various tools offered by Helium are amazing. They are the perfect fit for the modern online retailer. Users from all around the world have found the Helium 10 services to be interactive. It is an effective way of boosting your sales. The tools make it simple to gain an online presence in the store. With the help of the review, we intended to provide users with clarity. The coupon codes will help you get service at an affordable price. Users can cancel at any time, depending on their requirements.

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