9 Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Becoming a successful Amazon seller isn’t as easy as it looks. You must have a thorough awareness of the market, the customer’s needs, and, most critically, your competition. This is where amazon product research tools come into play and make it easier for you to sell on the platform.

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After using a bunch of these tools, we’ve curated a list of the 8 best Amazon product research tools that will help you find profitable and low competition products to sell on amazon.

9+ Best Amazon Product Research Tools

There are already a variety of research tools in the market that provide excellent services at reasonable costs. So, how do you pick the one that is ideal for you? By examining some of the most popular research tools and their features in-depth. 

It’s usually a good idea to first figure out your requirements, based on the nature of your business. If you’re just getting started as an Amazon seller or want to expand your reach, choose the tool that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Here’s a list of the best Amazon product research tools, thor features as well as the pricing they’re offered at.

1. Jungle Scout

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If you’re searching for a feature-rich research product research tool that will help you grow your Amazon business, consider Jungle Scout, the finest one on the market. 

Jungle Scout Overview

Over years, it has been assisting sellers with finding the most profitable products to sell. In the previous three years, around 200000 FBA sellers have used Jungle Scout services to boost over a million goods on the Amazon marketplace. 

This tool also provides resources like consumer trends reports that can help you analyze the market and see what products are trending. There are multiple filter options like min price, min sales, max reviews, max ratings, etc. that can be filled out to produce good product ideas. 

 Mentioned below are some of the services offered by Jungle Scout

  • Product Tracking
  • Sales and Profit Tracker
  • Keyword Support; Keyword Scout
  • Opportunity Finder to Promote your product
  • Supply and Demand Management
  • Supplier Database

There are three tariff plan options available for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plan
  • Basic – $49 monthly or $29/month for yearly
  • Suite – $69 monthly or $49/month for yearly
  • Professional – $129 monthly or $84/month for yearly

2. Helium 10

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For one reason, Helium 10 has to be the most popular choice among Amazon sellers: it’s simple to use. The self-explanatory and well-categorized service tools accessible on it ensure that you always know where to go for specific information. It features powerful product tracking, similar to some other well-known programs, and access to over half a billion goods on the marketplace.

Helium 10 Overview

Helium 10 helps you do a thorough market study to identify the most popular items to offer, as well as their pricing history, profit margin, and the best method for pushing your product higher in search results.

Here are some of the most important characteristics of Helium 10:

  • Product Research; Black Box Tool
  • Scribbles; Keyword Generation Tool
  • Web Extension Support
  • Reversed Research
  • Scam Protection Tool

The pricing of Helium 10 is as follows:

Helium 10 Pricing Plan
  • Free – 0$ monthly, Upgradable anytime
  • Starter – 30$ per month
  • Platinum – $99 per month 
  • Diamond – 249$ per month
  • Elite – 399$ per month 

3. Viral Launch

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The viral launch is another great addition to the list of hefty research tools that you might need for bolstering your presence on the Amazon marketplace. It uses a set of algorithms to create product listing and demand analysis to make the product research more expedient for the seller. 

Viral Launch Overview

With access to over 250 million product data on Amazon, the Viral launch has been setting new benchmarks since it has entered the product research arena. There are separate tools available, specifically designed to make the product analysis efficacious and hassle-free for you.

Here are some of the vital services offered by Viral Launch:

  • Efficient Keyword Tracking
  • Product Discovery Tool
  • Market Intelligence; The chrome extension
  • Sales History Optimization
  • Amazon Product launch Services
  • Split Test for the Optimum Strategy

The Prices of Vital Launch services are listed below:

Viral Launch Pricing Plan
  • Beginner – 50$/month
  • Pro – 83$/month
  • Brand Builder – 125$/ month
  • Kinetic – 166$/month

4. Merchant Words

The Merchant Words research engine comes with a set of sophisticated SEO tools that are tailored specifically for the Amazon marketplace.

Merchant Word Overview

The research tools give you all the vital techniques, sales history, and keyword trends to help you associate with customers on a new level, using data from the big Amazon markets such as North America, Australia, and others. Merchant Words is the appropriate solution for you if you’re launching a new product, developing an advertising strategy, or starting a new business.

Let’s have a look at Merchant Words’ specialties:

  • Keyword Management
  • Product Traffic Advisor
  • Deep Market Insights
  • Digital Shelf; A powerful Product Research
  • Web Support for Beginners

Here are the different purchase plans available for Merchant Words:

Merchant Word Pricing Plan
  • Silver – 29$/month
  • Gold – 79$/month
  • Platinum – 149$/month

5. AMZscout

If you want to compete with Amazon’s top recognized sellers and suppliers, you must consider AMZscout Product Research. It is primarily focused on market research in order to rank the most recent trends and popular items to sell. It also makes use of Google’s most advanced trend analysis to keep your competition at bay. 

AMZScout Overview

It also includes a web application and a browser add-on so that you have access to all of the important information about your product, like your earnings, the most popular goods, estimated price, and so on. Amzscout is one of the most widely used market research tools, with some of the world’s most well-known firms using it, including Dell, Casio, and others. 

Here are a few of the amazing features offered by AMZscout:

  • Estimated Sales Analysis
  • AMZscout Tracking
  • Keyword Research Mechanism
  • Price Comparison Tool
  • Information on Product Data history
  • Market Trend Reports on Monthly Basis
  • Vast Product Database
  • Amazon Commission Calculator
  • Web Extension and Application

The pricing for AMZscout is as follows:

AMZScout Pricing Plan
  • Pro Extension – 45.99$/month, 197.99$/year, 499$ for lifetime
  • Amazon Seller’s Bundle – 49.99$/month, 349.99$/year, 1499$ for lifetime              

6. Keepa

Recently converted into a subscription service, Keepa is an All in one tool for Amazon Business research and analysis. It uses illustrative charts and graphs to keep you up to date with important product information such as sales history and pricing trends, making it simple to gather the information you require. 

Keepa Overview

Keepa displays the most important details and statistics about a product, notifies you when the price drops, and even emphasizes the price comparison with only a few clicks using the web browser extension. Keepa is the newest hit in Amazon’s product research sector, with access to over 800 million Amazon items and a reasonable tariff plan.

Let’s take a look at some of Keepa’s most important features:

  • New/used Product Details
  • Categorized Information
  • Price fluctuation Alert
  • Best Seller Catalog
  • Sales history Records
  • Web Extension
  • Pricing Trends and History
  • One Click Product Comparison

The Basic version of Keepa is still available for free but if you want to take advantage of the full flash version of it, it will cost you ~17$/month.

7. AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl is one of the product research tools that is known for its data accuracy. You can obtain almost all of the information you need on popular items, pricing patterns and history, your closest rivals and their plans, and so on. The product rating method in AmazeOwl is a standout feature that allows you to categorize items based on demand, profit margin, and current trends.

AmazeOwl Overview

There are several tools available to assist you with keyword management and product launch tactics, allowing you to better understand the market condition than anybody else.

Let’s have a look at some of the most exciting features of AmazeOwl

  • Huge product Database
  • AmazeOwl Beginners Guide
  • Strong Product Tracking System
  • Keyword Ranking Tool
  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Accurate Research Data

The pricing for AmazeOwl is as follows:

AmazeOwl Pricing Plan
  • Starter Plan – 0$
  • Growth Plan – 19.99$/month /155.99$/year
  • Established Plan – 29.95$/month/ 239.99$/year

8. Sellics

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Sellics, one of the most prominent players in Amazon product research, is a beginner-friendly tool that makes it simple to comprehend complex data points and metrics. The transition from complex SEO tools to user-friendly research reports is so smooth that you are able to get the most out of your research about various products and market trends.

Sellics Overview

Sellics provides a special service package for you to work out your requirements more efficiently, whether you are a vendor or an individual seller on Amazon. The main drawback of this tool is that the study data it provides is limited to the last two months.

Here are some of the most important features accessible at Sellics:

  • Efficient Keyword Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Hot Product Identifier
  • Organised Inventory management
  • Profit Dashboard
  • Product Campaigning Management
  • Automated PPC campaigns

The tariff plan for complete Sellics services is as follows:

Sellics pricing Plan
  • Monthly Plan – 67$/month
  • Biannual Plan – 342$/6 month
  • Yearly Plan – 564$/year

9. ZonGuru

ZonGuru is one of the most reliable Amazon seller tools in the market that offers extensive data solution that helps you to detect the supplier database, best research selling product, and valuable market moment. ZonGuru niche finder helps you to unlock ideas and discover inspiration for your niche products. With its advanced and easy source tool, you will easily design to learn the top suppliers for your product. 

ZonGuru Overview

With ZonGuru, you can easily detect profitable products so that you can sell them on Amazon and earn a good profit. This tool is best for the Amazon seller who wants to do competitor analysis, product research, pricing, and so on. 

Let’s have a look at ZonGuru’s key features: 

  • Niche Finder 
  • Email Automator 
  • Business Dashboard 
  • Keyword Tracker 
  • Sales Spy 
  • Listing Optimizer 
  • IP Monitor 
  • Chrome Extension 

The pricing plan of ZonGuru is as follows:

  • Researcher Plan – $39 per month 
  • Seller Plan – $49 per month 


There you go! Bump up your sale and mark your presence on the Amazon marketplace with the use of any product research service mentioned above. When selling on Amazon, you’re up against millions of other sellers, and you’ll need a distinct market strategy and a well-organized business approach to surpass them. 

Every tool comes with a set of features that allow you to gain a comprehensive grasp of Amazon’s business strategy. Make a list of your goals, review the plans and specifications, and choose the one that best fits your product category.

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