SEMrush 30 Days Free Trial – Coupon Code (2021)

Are you looking to save a few extra bucks on SEMrush? Well, with the help of our SEMrush coupon codes you can get exclusive discount offer SEMrush tool right away. What’s more, you can claim — SEMrush Free Trial for 30 days and other exclusive perks.

With increasing SEO tools in the market, you will go into a dilemma on which software is the best for you. However, I must say that SEMrush is the leader in this market and it offers you features and tools like nobody else.

If you haven’t used SEMrush, then you must surely check it out using our SEMrush coupon codes and try out the free 30-day trial. However, if you are an existing user and you want to grab some coupon codes before your plan renewal, we got your back as well.

This page will take you through the steps by which you can avail SEMrush pro plan for 30-days absolutely free. You can also check out how you can avail of an extended 14 day trial for the guru plan after that. 

So let’s dive in and help you get exclusive discount SEMrush.

SEMrush – Review, Discount & Offers

SEMrush is a great all in one marketing SEO tool which gives you an edge on SEO, SEM, and Social Media marketing. Ask any blogging expert, and he would tell you that SEMrush is the best you can get in the market. 

SEMrush no doubt offers the best tools for all your needs. However, it is crucial to know your tool before you get started. Here’s our list of features of SEMrush we feel you must know before starting.

Availing the coupon code will be made very simple for you with just a few easy steps. For availing the coupon code, you will need to click on our link, and you will directly be taken to the SEMrush page where you can get access to our coupon code.

How to Grab your SEMrush Pro Account Free Trial for 30 Days?

This coupon code gives you access to a 30-day free trial of the SEMrush pro plan. This plan is worth a whopping 100 dollars which you can use absolutely free through our website. 

Note: To avail the 30 days free trial offer you need to use a special discount link. The perks of using our discount link, the free trial will be activated automatically without entering any coupons. 

  • Go to the SEMrush page for creating your account.
  • As you land on the webpage, you will get a pop up for creating an account. This pop up is 100% reliable to give your information and create an account. Once you click the link you can see that our website is tied up with SEMrush in order to provide you access to the free trial.
  • After filling in your Email ID and creating a password, click Create your SEMrush account. You will then be directed to the payment page where our coupon code will be existing in the payment column.
  • Once you are on the payment page, you will have to enter your accurate billing information in order to verify the user’s credibility.
  • As you can see, your coupon code will be applied under your purchase summary, and you can access it and start using the free trial for 30 days after entering your accurate billing information.

You can now enjoy your 30 days trial absolutely free.

How to Grab your SEMrush Guru account free for 14 days

The 14 days extended Guru plan offers much more than compared to that provided by the PRO plan. You can click the link here to get your 14-days extended trial for the Guru Plan.

The steps are similar to that of the Pro plan. 

  • Please Click Here to avail of the extended-14 day trial of the guru plan.
  • After clicking the link, you need to create an account or log in with your existing email id.
  • You can log in over here if you are an existing user.
  • However, if you do not have an account on SEMrush, you can surely create one by clicking the signup option right below the login button. 
  • You can see that our promo code has been already updated over there, your charge for payment is nil. You must enter your accurate billing details and you will be ready to enjoy an extended 14-day trial of the guru plan.

Semrush Pro vs Guru: Comparison

The Pro plan and Guru plan have some differences you must know for your better understanding of the tools. The picture depicts the significant benefits you get when the Pro plan is compared to the Guru.

However, the considerable impact among the two is created by the Historical Data, and the feature lets you check on your past data for any of the queries, which makes it so worthwhile.

SMErush Tool: Key Features

  • Keyword Magic Tool

With more than 7.7 billion keywords, this tool lets you search all the keywords and the LSI keywords you would require for your content.

  • Keyword Difficulty

This feature lets you see which keyword would help you rank better or higher when it comes to google or bing. You can also check out where your competitor’s keyword rank on the internet.

  • Site Audit

Site audit has become an essential part of SEO as it makes a complete check of your website or content and gives a detailed analysis of what errors exist and what changes need to take place to rank better.

  • Position Tracking

You can track your website’s position and the position of your keywords with this tool.

  • Backlink Audit Tool

Backlinking is essential for SEO, and with a vast database, SEMrush offers the best backlinks for you to add to your website and attract more traffic. It ensures that the backlinks are reliable and not faulty or toxic. They also let you report the toxic links to Google Disavow tools.

  • Organic Traffic Insights

Through this, you get to know your competitors when it comes to organic search and organic keywords. They help you rank better when it comes to organic results and generate the right amount of traffic based on your organic content.

  • Brand monitoring tool

You can see how many times your brand has been mentioned on the internet and get to know about the response from the audience and understand their sentiment.

  • PPC Ads and Keyword Tool

You can add multiple PPC keywords, and they also help you track your competitors PPC ads.r

  • Domain vs. domain analysis

You can conduct in-depth competitive analysis by sitting side by side domain analysis and seeing the domains common and unique keywords.

SEMrush Coupon Code FAQs:

1Q. How to get a discount offer?

Ans: SEMrush usually only gives out its discount offers on Black Friday or new year deals. You can, however, use our coupon code and get access to a free trial for 30 days for the pro plan and an extended period of 14 days with the guru plan.

2Q. Which plan is the best for me?

Ans: If you have medium to large online venture, the business plan would be the most effective as it has several features with extended limits, however for freelancers and budget workers, you can work with the Guru plan as it has all the essentials for your day to day work.

3Q. Does SEMrush offer a free plan?

Ans: SEMrush does not offer a free plan as it is very well established and highly recommended with a strong user base. However, we have a tie-up with the tool, and you can avail of a 30-day free trial of the pro plan or a 14-day extended test for the guru plan with our coupon code.

4Q. Will I be able to discontinue after the free trial?

Ans: You can discontinue after your free trial expires, and you won’t be charged a penny for it.

5Q. Which coupon code offers the maximum discount?

Ans: SEMrush coupon codes are not focused on discounts but on giving users a free trial period so they can get adjusted to the software and then take the subscription decision.

6Q. How to cancel my SEMrush subscription?

Ans: You can drop a mail with your registered email id to for any subscription cancellations or account cancellations, and they will respond to your query within 48 hours. 

7Q. How to use SEMrush for free?

Ans: SEMrush does not come with a free trial period; however, you can access its 30-day free trial with our coupon code.

Final Thoughts:

So this was a quick walkthrough to help you get an exclusive discount on SEMrush. No doubt, SEMrush is one stop solution for all your SEO needs. If you haven’t used it yet, I would say, do it as soon as possible otherwise, your competitors will be going ahead of you without you even realizing about it. Use the coupon codes on our websites to get started and enjoy your journey in the world of SEO. 

Hope our coupon codes helped you access the greatest SEO tool in the market, we are always happy to serve your needs. You can add your queries and give your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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