Sellics Coupon Code 2023: Save on Amazon FBA Software

Attention all e-commerce sellers! Are you looking for a comprehensive and reliable tool to help you optimize your Amazon business and sales? Meet Sellics! And with our exclusive Sellics coupon code 2023, you can unlock various features at a discounted price.

Sellics is an all-in-one software that helps Amazon sellers manage and improve their business. From keyword research to inventory management to PPC campaigns, Sellics provides everything you need to succeed on Amazon. With Sellics, you can track your sales performance, monitor your competitors, and receive actionable insights to make informed decisions.

And now, with our Sellics coupon code 2023, you can access all these features at a lower price. So if you want to take your Amazon business to the next level, try Sellics today and save money with our coupon code!

Sellics Review [2023]:

Should You Try it? The Sellics Review in 2023 is an excellent resource for any Amazon seller. It offers a comprehensive overview of the Sellics offer, so you can decide if it’s the right tool. 

You can use Sellics to manage your Seller Central sellics account, optimize your Amazon business, and get an exclusive Sellics discount. Its powerful features, like inventory management and niche analyzer, can help you ensure you’re always one step ahead of your competition.  

Sellics also provides detailed insights into PPC performance and Amazon advertising campaigns, making it an invaluable asset for any Amazon seller.   All in all, the Sellics Review in 2023 should be considered by anyone looking for a comprehensive platform to manage their Amazon business.

Available Sellics Coupons & Discount Codes 2023

Sellics coupon code 2023 will give you 50% off on your purchase. You will get discounts like $1249 monthly for the annual plan and $259 monthly on the quarterly plan. There is a free trial for 7 days.

Sellics Overview - Sellics Coupon Code

There is 30% off on the seller edition. Again, there is $259 only for the vendor edition plan per month. Other plans will come at 30% discount deals on the seller editions. The vendor edition plans and discounts on the agency plans are also becoming quite praiseworthy.

How to Get Sellics Coupon Code?

Here is the stepwise guide to getting the Sellics 25% discount. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of Sellics from the given link and then be directed to the pricing plan page. 

Step 2: Choose the pricing plans that suit your business needs. There are two business plans available. Advertising Advisor and Managed services. You can select any of the pricing plans. 

Sellics-Pricing-Plans - Sellics Coupon Code

Keynote: – The 25% discount is available on the yearly plans. However, the pricing plans are a bit expensive for beginners. So, only invest if you are sure about the services.

Before deciding, you can also request a demo to understand how the tool will work. Moreover, users can start with a free plan to check if it is worth investing in.

Step 3: As soon as you fill in all the details, the Sellics team will provide you with a demo. Moreover, you can also proceed with the payment and get the subscription.  

Fill The Details To Request A Demo - Sellics Coupon Code

Sellics Features:

In this section, we will review all the features of Sellics to give you an overview of this tool.

1. Seller Edition

It comes with one click to connect the type of Amazon seller account to the profit dashboard. It will automatically calculate the Amazon cost and input the value of goods to get precise results. In addition, it will allow instant visualization of the profitability and break down every cost metric. 

You will get a view of the area that is disproportionately getting into the profit margins. The profit dashboard has the exact profit margins for all the deducted costs. So it comes with seamless integration with Amazon seller central and profit data share.

 - Sellics Coupon Code

The profit calculation is also a pretty profitable feature. For example, the products might lose money regarding Amazon’s cost. So you have to treat each product individually and calculate whether or not to put the products as truly profitable after PPC.

The breakdown of sales vs. cost lets one see the split between the organic sales and thus establish rated standards with the help of PPC ad campaigns. So, you will get to know what is precisely driving the cost. 

You will get the maximized Amazon PPC sales. It will reduce the work hours that are spent on PPC management. So now you will get the PPC with automated campaigns.

There is the availability of metrics for the analysis of the campaign performance. The market Analytics tool will now track the ad performance for the period. You will also see the changes positively affecting the campaign results. 

There are no more availabilities of the seller reports. So, you can stay at the top of the sponsored product campaigns and track the advertisements’ performance.


2. Sellics PPC manager

You will get an improved Amazon ranking. 90% of the customers will purchase exclusively on pages 1, 2 3 of the Amazon search results page. You will lose most of the sales if the product is not visible there. Usually, choose to monitor the prices of the other sellers.

You have to review the products and prices of the competitors. The keyword search volume indicator now prioritizes the relevant keywords for the product by actively optimizing the listings

There is a scope for improvement of the rankings regarding Amazon search results. The keyword ranking tracker will now track the rankings of all the relevant keywords. It will also keep on monitoring how its rankings will develop over time.

Now you will get the options for management of the negative reviews. Sellers should react as fast as possible to negative feedback to reduce the chances of damage. You should stop checking for new reviews manually and start getting automatic updates that will be useful for increasing the selling prospect. 

You can use positive reviews to improve the copywriting and the positive reviews. It will usually contain valuable information. 

The competitor monitoring feature is available when you choose the Sellics tool. It will give you a more understanding of every move of the competitors. Now you can monitor the prices of the other sellers and overview the products and their prices. 

You can keep track of the price trends. It would be best to understand the building of the highest and lowest prices properly. In addition, you can keep track of the actual sales of the competitor vendor.

3. Vendor Edition

You will get customer feedback. It will give the vendors every management of customer feedback. Now you can keep responding to the new reviews and customer questions. 

In addition, there are notifications on receiving negative product reviews and responding in real-time to manage the damage.

You can get customizable email notifications with new reviews and questions. You can also actively engage the customers and build a positive relationship to enhance brand recognition. The feedback-checking status will also give you thorough analytics.

There is a content and SEO feature that will give a boost to the rankings on Amazon. It also identifies the top keywords. It sorts keywords by the Amazon search volume for the maximum impact. 

The tool considers the generation of the optimized set of backend keywords. You will get quickly boosted rankings as well as extended organic visibility.

Who is Sellics for?


Sellics becomes a multi-functional software that is designed exclusively for the Amazon Marketplace. Vendors, sellers, clients as well as agencies love it. A Set of solutions for analytics profit tracking, keyword ranking, pay-per-click management, and more will be beneficial. So, agencies representing vendors and sellers can also contact sellers to obtain a quotation.

What makes Sellics Stand Apart:

You get the availability of the special coupon codes you have to copy and place to avail of them.

  • You can monitor the revenue in real-time. For example, you can get automatic calculations for the exact income on the Amazon platform.
  • It is available with pay-per-click, income taxes, promos, and prices for the product.
  • You will get increased earnings with the Amazon pay-per-click feature. In addition, it will give you maximized advertising earnings and optimized marketing prices for the transaction.
  • You will get increased keyword standings when you purchase one of these affordable plans. 
  • You can start benchmarking the status of your keywords against the ideal vendor goods and the contenders. 

Sellics Pricing Plans

Sellics provides three pricing plans which you can choose for a PPC campaign and leveraging other tools. The plans are as follows: 

Sellics Pricing Plans

    1. Sellics Benchmarker 

The plan is free, and there is no limit to accessing this plan. This plan covers many comprehensive features such as ASIN-level, competitors’ analysis, performance funnel analysis, auditing, PPC guides, benchmarker analysis, and PPC video tutorials.

In addition, you can also analyze the account structure, which further helps improve your campaign process. However, the features are limited, so move ahead with premium plans if you find the helpful tool. 

    1. Advertising Advisor Plan 

The seller pays $349 per month for this plan, but if you make an annual payment, you can save up to 25% off. In addition, the plan covers extensive features such as personalized onboarding, smart campaign, Amazon PPC coaching, AI advertising platform, profit management, mobile application, and Sellics SEO. 

The plan is excellent for advanced and experienced sellers who want to scale up their businesses to earn more revenues. 

    1. Managed Services Plan 

The managed service plan is ideal for advanced sellers as it might be expensive. For this plan, sellers need to pay $1249 per month. The plans give you access to all the advanced advisor tools and help to improve your campaign to get maximum traffic. 

In addition, you can get KPI reporting, Hands-on PPC campaigns, budget optimization, ongoing campaign optimization, and others. 

Keynote: – Sellics also provides a 7-day free trial on premium plans. So, you can easily access the plans and cancel the subscription if you don’t find it helpful.

Conclusion: Working Sellics Coupon Code 2023

Sellics is now becoming the bundle of analytics software that will offer you information and efficiency metrics. You will get the estimated productivity if you like the analytics control panel. 

The A/B testing will keep determining the effect of the Optimisation based on the revenue. You can avoid the crowd by utilizing the competitor’s daily revenue volume metric. So, now use the plans and get a range of benefits.


Do we get a discount on the annual plans of Sellics?

Yes, Sellics is currently providing 25% off on the premium plans. So, if you want to leverage the automation marketing tool, start with annual subscription plans.

Is it helpful in improving traffic?

Yes, Sellics is an automation marketing tool for Amazon. This helps track the traffic and provides an Amazon PPC campaign and budget optimization. The tool helps to achieve maximum traffic, which in turn helps to improve sales odds to make maximum profit.

Does its free plan work for beginner FBA sellers?

Yes, this is the best if you are a beginner and need an automated campaign tool. Sellics free plan covers major features such as PPC campaign, performance analysis, etc. With this, you can start a campaign and earn a profit. Then, as your business grows, shift to the premium plans for better growth.

Which marketplace is supported by Sellics?

Sellics supports major FBA marketplaces such as India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Spain, France, Italy, and Canada.

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