LastPass Black Friday 2020 – Save Maximum

In the world of web security, Lastpass holds a reputable ranking. This all-round security solution, with its lot of features, overwhelms users across the world with fast, instinctive, and supportive platforms. It is one of the most proficient and smart password managers you can choose for your digital devices. LastPass can create a password for you, handle your passwords and auto-fills the same when needed.

A unique feature that comes with it is that in its secure vault Lastpass not only stores and secures your passwords, but also allows you to keep important notes in it. Let’s draw your attention to its features and policies.

Lastpass Features:

Lastpass has a bulky number of features packed with it, but it maintains showing fewer options for good user experience. Here is a list of some important features and options you need to know about:

  • Master-password storage (it stores the password locally in your device thus making it much more secure).
  • Legacy sharing
  • Restricted login (it can restrict logging in to a website to a specific country or region)
  • Lastpass comes with a browser plug-in, making it easily accessible.
  • It allows taking notes in its secure vault.
  • Alert notification for weak passwords (it can also trace a duplicate password).
  • It merges with the passwords saved in your browser.
  • Strong password generation.
  • Auto fills address, a contact number, and financial information.
  • It regularly audits password strength.
  • SMS recovery.

Lastpass can be installed in iOs (v.5.1 and over), Android devices (v.2.3 and above it) and also in windows phones. If you have other phones running on different platforms, you can also use this security solution by downloading the old version of it. Interested to know a cool feature it has? If you are too skeptical about your device’s security, Lastpass brings you the ability to encrypt all the security data and carry it just with a USB stick.

Lastpass Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals:

Lastpass takes good care of its customer’s review and the team is quite clear about what a user can get for what they pay. Along with premium versions, it also offers a trial version.

Unlike its competitors, Lastpass gives its users the ability to synchronize its data between all devices with its free version. A free version of the software is nice, for sure, however, it is suggested to try the premium version of it to get the real deal about it.  Free plans do not come with emergency access or sharing features.

Lastpass Subscriptions:

It comes with two selections for a premium subscription, namely, Personal and Business. Its Personal plan contains Premium and Families packages which cost $3 and $4 respectively. Business plan includes Teams ($4/user), Enterprise ($6/user), MFA ($3/user) and Identity ($8/user). The identity plan contains the entire Lastpass feature it can offer.

Now, it’s time for some excitement for you! Like every year, on the occasion of Black Friday, Lastpass is offering a 30% discount to new users from 29h November 2020.

Lastpass is a security tool that is committed to giving a security boost to your devices and with its recent black Friday deals it makes it intractable not to try this software with its premium subscription Choice is yours to make.

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