Kartra vs ClickFunnels: In-depth Comparison For 2023

Are you looking for a marketing platform to create and manage your campaigns? If so, you may have encountered two of the most popular options today: Kartra vs. Clickfunnels.

Kartra Vs Clickfunnels

But how do they compare? In this article, we’ll be profoundly diving into what each platform offers and examining their pricing plans to help you decide if Kartra or Clickfunnels best fits your needs.

We’ll also look at what makes them different and provide tips on using Kartra to get the most out of your marketing campaigns. With all this information, you can decide which platform is right for you.

Clickfunnels vs. Kartra Comparison – Overview

Kartra refers to the two-tier affiliate management and a tracking tool with excellent customer relationship management and analytics systems. It manages the complete sales funnel in one place for receiving payments.

It helps give people access to the membership platform and answers the questions involved in the built-in help desk. You can see every single activity done by the customer or subscriber. It will allow you to gain insight that is hard to keep track of otherwise.

On the other hand, click funnels refer to the software primarily designed for providing online business owners with the complete sales funnel. It will lead to the creation of landing pages and opt-in pages.

The simple membership site helps collect payments via PayPal and so on. This is the first platform that makes it an effortless task for people with limited technical skills to create a sales funnel with various customizable templates.

Kartra vs. Clickfunnels – List of Similarities

Both come with excellent funnel-building abilities and lots of templates to play with. There is also drag-and-drop functionality with them. Both tools will allow the creation of membership sites with different levels to restrict content access.

Choose Between Kartra Vs Clickfunnels

Both tools come with shared functionality of sharing. You can click on the share funnel and see that the other person can instantly clone the entire funnel to the account. Both tools will allow the creation of membership sites with a range of different levels for restricting content access.

You can get the implementation of the A/B split testing when it comes to page building by both Kartra and click funnels. Both tools will give the feature of setting up your affiliate program to invite other affiliates and promote your product.

In the case of Kartra, you will also get affiliate marketing for listing your products or promoting other products. Clickfunnels and Kartra now give you the complete membership portal for online programming courses and anything accessible to authorized users. In this regard, the Clickfunnels membership site looks pretty basic compared to Kartra.

Kartra courses now have features that will make them compatible with the platforms like Kajabi and Teachable.

Regarding the Shopping Cart, built-in tools are available with Clickfunnels, Kartra, and a check-out card system.

So, you don’t have to piece together any third-party check-out solutions for selling the products or services online unless you need a dedicated solution.

The Facebook group of Kartra service works similarly to that of click funnels. But they will serve as a place to ask questions, post challenges, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Clickfunnels comes with around 200K members, while Kartra has a community of nearly 30K members.

Kartra vs. Clickfunnels – List of differences

In terms of goal differentiation, you will see that with click funnels, you can build your funnels in sequential order making it a more straightforward funnel-building interface for sale.

On the other hand, the procedure is a bit different for Kartra. Instead of building funnels from the beginning, it will make you consider what you want to achieve with your funnel.

In terms of the funnel webinar, click funnels will give you the inbuilt automated funnel-building functionality, unlike Kartra.

Regarding video hosting, Clickfunnels does not have an internal video hosting platform, and the video hosting options on Clickfunnels are YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, etc.

There are video hosting platforms on Kartra, like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. The inbuilt marketing-oriented video platform now offers options for making the videos convertible.

Kartra: Brief Information

Kartra now comes as the technology-driven pool, unlike click funnels that are education-driven. The application will now contain features you won’t find in click funnels.


Regarding video marketing, Kartra has a customizable video player that tracks how long a lead will watch the video. This tag works based on the behavior and sends emails based on the information they consume.

You won’t get such options with click funnels regarding the help desk. Kartra will now help keep track of inquiries via the built-in ticket system’s live chat system. Whenever you are a coach or consultant or want an appointment, you’ll get one.

Again, there is also a robust reporting system when using click funnels. With Kartra, you must regularly integrate tools like video hosting emails and memberships. It will consume a lot of time to set them up.

Kartra Analytics will now be able to track your entire sale procedure, from creating heat maps, taking clicks into your emails, watching videos, and downloading files. So, you will get the complete lead history report to see every single action.

Again Kartra will come with a better User experience, holding all the consensus of the Kartra User experience, making it better than click funnels.

Click Funnels: Brief Information

Clickfunnels works as a tool that will thrive in the space to make money online. The fantastic educational products for online entrepreneurs are now uniquely designed to allow your business to grow.


Clickfunnels are becoming a proven way to skyrocket conversions. You won’t find such plans available on Kartra.

It is beginner-friendly yet and lets you grow as a page builder. Clickfunnels become more fluid and more accessible when compared to Kartra.

Again, Kartra comes with the availability of the funnel-flix and other training webinars. The funnel-flix works similarly to Netflix for the streaming of high-quality marketing content.

Affiliate marketing by click funnels is better if you want more promotion. Some people make around 7 to 8 figures of income by promoting click funnels.

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels: Sales Funnel Builder Comparison

It’s time to compare the Kartra and ClickFunnels sales funnels builder quickly. Arguably, the sales funnel builder of ClickFunnels steals the top places. This powerful tool will boast incredible features such as pre-build sales funnel templates, sales pages, drag & drop funnel builder, follow-up funnels, and one-click upsells.

Clickfunnels-Sales Funnel Builder

This robust sales funnel tool lets sellers quickly create sales funnels using the templates. To access the feature, you need to go to the Dashboard and “Build a Funnel .” Using different templates, you can tailor your funnels and how your brand looks.


At the same time, Kartra is no less than ClickFunnels because it also comes with several integrated automated features to build sales funnels. Like ClickFunnels, it also offers tools to create sales funnels and campaigns.

But ClickFunnels has something more exciting and a stepwise guide to implement the suitable templates.

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels: Page Builder Comparison

So, now the time is to debate the page builder. Kartra and ClickFunnels both these platforms provide incredible page builders.

Kartra Page Builder:

The best thing about the platforms is both these contenders provide a drag & drop editor function which is helpful; in creating the landing page.


However, the Kartra page builder is quite impressive and easy to access. The key features of the Kartra page builder are more than 10 pre-designed templates, drag & drop builder, forms, pop-ups, stock bars, and templates.

You can easily customize your website pages and change how your web pages look. This brings an immersive experience to the customers.

ClickFunnels Page Builder:

On the other hand, the ClickFunnels page builder is similar to the page builder of Kartra. However, you don’t build fully customized websites but are excellent at designing landing and sales pages.

Like Kartra, you get features like pre-designed templates, drag & drop editing, page customization, vital elements like videos, times, pricing tables, and many more.

Clickfunnels-Page-Builder - Kartra vs Clickfunnels

But Kartra has more integrated page builder features, so the tool will be the winner.

Kartra Vs. ClickFunnels: Email Marketing

Email marketing has become an integral part of business for better customer reach. However, only some tools provide confident results regarding email marketing automation. Kartra and ClickFunnels provide the email marketing automation tool.

Kartra Email Marketing:

Kartra-Email-Marketing - Kartra vs Clickfunnels

But the email marketing automation of Kartra is way better than the ClickFunnels. You can automate the email campaign to generate leads and get more customers.

Moreover, you can also nurture the targeted leads with compelling content. You get pre-built email templates, lists, sequences, tags, and A/B testing modules. This provides robust email analysis that helps to stand alone in the marketplace.

ClickFunnels Email Marketing:

At the same time, the ClickFunnels email marketing tool is also effective in handling the campaign. But email marketing automation comes with another name, such as follow-up funnels.

Clickfunnels-Email Marketing - Kartra vs Clickfunnels

You can also check various aspects such as email and contact lists and organize your marketing. However, the most impressive thing about the email marketing tool of ClickFunnels is you can even send the broadcasts. But overall, Kartra wins as it offers the best features.

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels: Membership Websites

Adding members can facilitate the business model, and these tools can provide the membership websites to add members-only modules. 

Kartra Membership Websites:

Kartra provides you with the best membership website in comparison to ClickFunnels. You can create more than 3 to 4 members’ websites with this. It provides several functions such as drip content feed, multiple membership tiers, drag & drop functionality, and even allows you to run & embed videos and files.

Kartra- Membership - Kartra vs Clickfunnels

However, the best part is you get the analytics modules helpful to analyze the prime membership websites and give you deep insight into the average retention, active members, and other things.

ClickFunnels Membership Websites:

Clickfunnels-Membership-Websites - Kartra vs Clickfunnels

This allows for creating the membership funnel and customizing the membership module easily, such as membership access and membership area. Moreover, ClickFunnels enables the users to restrict the users.

Kartra vs. ClickFunnels: Pricing Explained

Here is the pricing difference between Kartra and ClickFunnels.

Kartra Pricing:

Karta Pricing

  • Basic Plan – $99/month
  • Silver Plan – $189/month
  • Gold Plan – $269/month
  • Platinum Plan – $429/month

ClickFunnels Pricing:

ClickFunnels Pricing

  • Basic Plan – $147/month
  • Pro Plan – $197/month
  • Funnel Hacker – $297/month

What’s the difference between Kartra and ClickFunnels?

Regarding marketing platforms, ClickFunnels and Kartra offer different pricing plans and features. Comparing Kartra and ClickFunnels will give an idea of what each platform offers.

ClickFunnels is a powerful sales funnel builder that enables users to create complex marketing campaigns with minimal effort. It also includes features such as email automation and opt-in forms, crucial for any successful marketing funnel. Meanwhile, Kartra is a comprehensive all-in-one suite that provides users with everything they need to launch a successful online business. Features include website creation, membership management, email marketing, and more.

While both platforms are similar in many ways, there are some key differences between them. For example, ClickFunnels offers limited customer service, while Kartra has 24/7 live chat support.

Additionally, ClickFunnels tends to be more expensive than Kartra regarding the pricing plan. Ultimately, using ClickFunnels or Kartra will depend on the user’s needs and budget.

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Our Verdict: Kartra vs. ClickFunnels

Both the tools Kartra and ClickFunnels are wonderful and perfect. However, if you want to choose the better one, it is worth going through the features of the two.

You will get certain things on ClickFunnels that are unavailable on Kartra. Some are funnel-flix, more significant community, lucrative affiliate programs, awards, events, masterminds courses, training, and books.

Again, there are things on Kartra and not on ClickFunnels. Some are the help desk, calendar, adaptive behavioral marketing, blog, templates, heatmap, inbuilt video hosting, and affiliate marketing.

When deciding based on these factors, it depends on the online business’s needs. You have to focus on it along with the marketing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I integrate ClickFunnels with Kartra?

Yes, you can integrate the Kartra and ClickFunnels automatically with the help of Zapier.

Which provides a better email marketing tool, Kartra or ClickFunnels?

Both software offers the best email marketing tools. But the email automation tool of Kartra comes with better features that allow you to catch more leads. This comes with drag & drop features for quick emailing and analysis.

Does Kartra offer a free trial?

Yes, Kartra offers a free trial by paying only $1, which can be beneficial for checking whether the marketing automation tools work for businesses.

Which provides a better page builder function, Kartra or ClickFunnels?

Page builder of the Kartra comes with more integrated features and drag & drop functionality, allowing you to customize the web pages easily.

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