7 Best Amazon FBA Podcast (Updated 2022)

Are you searching for the best Amazon FBA podcasts? If yes, you have landed at the right place!

When you decide to work while using Amazon’s FBA service, you have to be ready to open up your mind and learn from the experiences of others who have done the same.

Getting to know the side of the story that only a user of Amazon FBA service can provide you helps a lot, whether it be about making the right start or making the correct business decision while using Amazon FBA.

Platforms such as FeedbackExpress are genuinely one of the greatest sources of knowledge. You can now see the feedback of mostly every service on the planet. But many people just don’t have the time to read these reviews.

If you are one of them, then you are in luck. There are so many podcasts available now that provide you with all the information that you need about Amazon FBA on-voice.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Amazon FBA podcasts so that you can go ahead with the right one!

Best Amazon FBA Podcast: In a Nutshell

We will give a detailed description section, but before that, below is the list stating the names of these podcasts (for those of you who are in a hurry).

So, here are the best Amazon FBA podcasts in a nutshell:

  • Selling on Azon by James J. Jones
  • My Wife Quit Her Job by Steve Chou
  • FBA Journey Podcast
  • Private Label Podcast by Kevin Rizer
  • My Amazon Guy Podcast by Steven Pope
  • The Amazing Seller Podcast
  • The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast by Stephen Smotherman

No, not so fast. This is just an overview of the best podcasts on Amazon FBA that are out there. You still need to know a lot more about them if you want to figure out which one is the best for you to give a shot at.

List Of 7 Best Amazon FBA Podcasts 

Now that we’ve finished the overview let’s learn more about the best Amazon FBA podcasts out there and how they are similar and different from each other.

Comparing them as per their pros and cons will not be the right approach for choosing the best Amazon FBA podcast for yourself. A good practice for choosing the right podcast for yourself is to read about all the different podcasts and what they have to offer. After doing so, you need to pick the one that felt the most compelling.

So, without further ado, below are the detailed descriptions of the best 7 Amazon FBA podcasts out there.

1. Selling on Azon by James J. Jones

One of the most common phrases that I can say with complete surety that you have heard is “old is gold .”The phrase stays true to its commitment to this very day. Selling on Azon is a podcast that is the living truth of the phrase.

Selling on Azon by James J. Jones - Overview

Started by James J. Jones in 1983, this podcast will let you know all about the changes that have occurred in the industry even before the 1st day. 1983 is a time at which you might not have even been born.

But other than being ancient, there are still many reasons why this podcast requires your attention. Some of those reasons are:

  • Its style of storytelling is butter free
  •  It focuses on providing content without any fat around it and straight to the point
  • It’s a finished podcast, so you will get the satisfaction of knowing all about it, straight to its end.

The podcast tells all that there is to know about the history of Amazon and its FBA program, along with how to start, deal with, and plan the future while working with it.

2. My Wife Quit Her Job by Steve Chou

Well, if you and your life partner/love interest are co-work partners, then this podcast is definitely for you. This podcast aims to provide you with all that you need to know about how a power couple can rule the business world with their bond.

My Wife Quit Her Job by Steve Chou - Overview

Sorry, our bad, no more drama! By setting up and releasing this podcast, Steve Chou intends to provide you with a look at what it is like to mix your work and personal life while keeping them separate at the same time. 

The podcast starts with Steve explaining how everyone starts selling on Amazon with the million-dollar dream of being successful enough to convert it to a full-time business. 

After which, he lays out his wisdom in the form of tad bits throughout his lessons and therefore makes it relatively easy for him to capture your attention with narration and layout of the critical morals of his lessons as well.

The podcast revolves around Steve Chou’s experience after running Bumblebee Linens (Mr. and Mrs. Chou’s store). The podcast’s core is how to make things work even when things get personal and how his wife is a remarkable woman who returned them to their six-figure salary.

3. FBA Journey Podcast by R.C. Rice

Learning through the mistakes of others is what a professional does, but learning from the mistakes of your own is what an expert does. R.C. Rice is the living and walking example of it. 

She is one of the youngest Amazon sellers looking for success in every nook and corner possible. Rice did find that success. It took a lot of scrambling and sharpening, but she did what she did.

FBA Journey Podcast by R.C. Rice

To ensure that other beginners get even better than her and don’t make the same mistakes she did, she opted to record her journey and relay it to sellers worldwide. As a young gun, she sharpened herself well by recognizing her mistakes and bettering them.

As of now, she comes on the pro-seller list. Her podcast mainly highlights the ups and downs of her journey and how she made all the downs become ups. The key takeaway from her podcast is how you can overcome any goal by just being fearless and energetic towards the things that you want to pursue from the heart.

4. Private Label Podcast by Kevin Rizer

Kevin Rizer is a man who has seen a lot of how work gets done in the industry. He knows how to get things done, but he is also quite good at teaching others how to do so.

Private Label Podcast by Kevin Rizer - Overview

His Private Label Podcast is something that you get on to when you want the experience from the very best of the industry. Kevin holds such credibility because he is a self-made man who speaks in a learner-friendly way.

Kevin’s podcasts are conversational in tone and are easy to follow even if you are just starting to cling to the subject. For being so open and having a fanbase that includes a lot of beginners, Kevin asks questions that everyone else finds amateurish. But not Kevin, because he knows that all of his listeners think about the same thing.

Therefore, this is a highly recommended podcast if you are a beginner at Amazon FBA.

5. My Amazon Guy Podcast by Steven Pope

This podcast is for those who have already started their journey of making revenue from Amazon FBA. It mainly draws listeners’ attention to how they can increase their current sales and profits from Amazon FBA.

My Amazon Guy Podcast by Steven Pope - Overview

Steven explains the importance of traffic and conversion rate improving techniques and how they can increase your business’ revenue. Along with narrating his journey as a seller, Steven also hosts and interviews many different top-rated Amazon sellers. By doing so, he provides them a chance to put their story out there and let the listeners get inspired by it.

What makes this podcast worth your time is that these interviews are explicit. They mention everything that happened while managing their businesses. What went down, what went up, how their company grew with both the ups and downs, and many other things.

6. The Amazing Seller Podcast by Scott Voelker

Now, this podcast did not gain the top number on the list because it does not serve a single section of Amazon FBA business people. The Amazing Seller Podcast is a podcast that covers every level of the seller, be it beginner, experienced, or advanced.

The Amazing Seller Podcast by Scott Voelker - Overview

Scott covers every topic there is to cover about Amazon FBA. His listeners are one of the biggest in number compared to the other Amazon FBA podcast makers. The best thing about each of his podcasts is that he doesn’t leave any issue by only giving its overview. He approaches the problem down to its very core and unravels it.

Therefore, giving you a comprehensive way of dealing with any specific problem.

7. The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast by Stephen Smotherman

The Smotherman family is the lead of this podcast. They tell about their journey of operating their co-operated FBA business, be it tips, tricks, and ways to overcome problems that come up along the path of enhancing a brand.

The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast by Stephen Smotherman

Each podcast episode aims to be stacked with raw information but leaves enough room for the reader to breathe in and not get overwhelmed by too much information in a single splash.

Stephen and Rebecca Smotherman are the narrators of the podcast, and they know how to give their listeners something excellent and informative to listen to. Most of their listeners like to listen to their podcasts due to the easy language to spread the required information.

But what I find the best about their podcasts is that they are not targeted to any specific level of Amazon FBA sellers. They are not even targeted to just sellers. Anyone can listen to it to listen to it and take some value addition off of it.

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Final Verdict:

Podcasts are great for educating yourself about how Amazon FBA works and how your previous successors have made huge sums out of it. Using their life lessons to better your current business is the best thing you could do for your business.

Podcasts are even better in many aspects, as they save you the effort of having to read from different sources. Another great perk of learning through podcasts is that you can carry on to work on anything else while listening to them simultaneously.

Either way, the Amazon FBA-related podcasts mentioned in this article will let you make the most out of your business.

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