Winning the Influence Game: Four Takeaways for Communicators

Yesterday we released our 5th annual Oriella Digital Journalism Study that tracks trends and changes in digital media and publishing over time. Here are four takeaways for PR pros and communicators that we learned from the findings.

  1. Credibility is Vital. Simply having a presence in the right places is no longer enough. The study clearly shows that journalists will gravitate towards sources they trust and respect far more readily than they will speak to those they don’t. Social media presents good opportunities for brands and the individuals behind them to build their personal profiles and engage with supporters; with the right support, brands can make the most of them.
  2. Integrated PR and digital campaigning are no longer solely a feature of communications in the ‘developed’ markets of Western Europe and North America. The extent to which social and digital media are used across the world’s newsrooms suggests such campaigns can work globally. Brands that adopt this approach (albeit with some local tailoring) will be better-placed to win in their chosen markets.
  3. Deploy the full range of storytelling assets. The study has found that global public relations can no longer rely solely on the press release – brand stories must be supported with videos, images, infographics and opinion-led content that sets out a clear point of view. Communications leads should consider adapting their planning processes and workflows to ensure producing these types of content becomes standing operating procedure, rather than the exception to the rule.
  4. Deliver and execute the message locally; monitor internationally. Given the manifold challenges of international community engagement, we believe the best place to manage this is within target countries themselves. However, procedure, protocol and, above all, monitoring should be managed at a regional or even global level. Real-time tracking and rapid response to emerging issues are vital to protecting corporate reputations.

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